Multifunctional mirrors: utility, versatility and elegance in a single design object.
Multifunctional mirrors: BABELE BIG valet stand with mirror by Memedesign

CACTUS and BABELE. The metamorphosis of the mirror
Although the oldest traces of the production of small mirrors date back to Egypt in the 1st century BC, due to a special relationship with the solar god, today modern users are asking for new and additional functions. Mirrors that take new shapes and are enriched with details that make them unique design objects, for style and functionality. Memedesign meets these new requests with a collection of mirrors.

Multifunctional mirrors: BABELE SMALL with pocket emptier by Memedesign

This is the case of BABELE, a multifunctional object, both mirror and “pocket emptier” or coat hanger. Useful to organize order and disorder in a precise and elegant way in every area of the house.
You can choose BABELE both in the BIG version, with full-height mirror, and in the SMALL version, with half-height mirror and “pocket emptier” shelf.
Easy assembly.
Design: Gianmarco Codato e Luciano Trevisiol
Anno: 2019

Multifunctional mirrors: CACTUS mirror with shelves by Memedesign

CACTUS, on the other hand, is a wall mirror by a changing shape, adapting itself to the various requests and personalising the space. Equipped with side shelves, complete with backrest, which can be positioned on the right or left on request. It is possible to choose up to a maximum of 3 shelves. It creates unique symmetries. The steel shelves can be chosen among with the 17 colors of the color chart.
An object suitable for the living area, entrance, bathroom or bedroom.
Easy assembly.
Design: Ernesto Maria Giuffré
Anno: 2020