The coffee table TWIN bot for indoor and for outdoor use will not be available for 6 weeks.

We inform that, following the recent and constant increase in raw material and the unavailability of some thicknesses, the indoor / outdoor coffee table TWIN B (only in diameter 60 cm), will not available for at least 5/6 weeks.
On the other hands, the model TWIN A of diameter 45 cm, will remain available. It belongs always to TWIN collection of coffee tables, available bot for INDOOR use (page 8 of our price list) and OUTDOOR use (page 20 of our price list).
We kindly ask to take note in order not to incur orders that we are unable to fulfill.
As an alternative to TWIN B we suggest the coffee table ERMIONE 65 (diameter 65 cm) available for indoor and for outdoor, which is also the most requested in this period. We remind that all the products for outdoor use are treated by the cataphoresis process before the painting and are available in the 15 RAL colors of our Color Chart.
The indoor products are available, in addition to the 15 RAL colors, also in the two “Privé” colors ORO/GOLD and COPPER/RAME.

Hoping that this situation can be resolved in a positive way very soon, we remind you that you can contact us for any type of quotation, request for information, contract projects.

We invite to visit the section PRODUCTS of our website to see our whole collection.

Coffee table TWIN a and TWIN B by Memedesign