Red passion: lively proposals to characterize the furniture and inspire creativity.

Red passion: the writing desk Accademy by Memedesign


Red is the passion that overwhelms lovers, but red is also pure and romantic love, made of connection between heart and mind. It is a symbol of energy in constant movement, an energy linked to human needs and material security, such as the place where you live. Precisely for this reason today we want to suggest some images in full Memedesign spirit, with the most vibrant colors of the collection, but all products also for outdoor use can be requested in vibrant RED.


Red passion: Libris coffee table


Red calls attention, awakens the senses in an immediate way and brings the mind back to the present moment. It is synonymous with a strong personality and self-confidence, stimulates creativity and self-esteem. Chosen for the living room, the kitchen or within a dynamic and daytime environment, it gives great benefits. For example, it can give character to the entrance, combining the Nuvola mirror with the Lama console, or choosing it for the Libris magazine rack and Libro Verticale. Imagine them near your sofa, to keep your favorite books. The red color is also ideal for the office, due to its ability to keep attention high. The Accademy desk in red is a perfect solution for a quiet corner dedicated to study or work, combined with a comfortable pouf and other Memedesign products.
All products are available in two red variants: our red “Papavero” (RAL 3000) and our red “Dalia” (RAL 3003).

Red Passion: shelves and coat hangers Balloon

Red passion: bookcase Libro Verticale by Memedesign