Square pouf outdoor indoor

Behind the birth of this square pouf there is a study and research work worthy of its own name that comes from the famous mathematician of Syracuse.
It has an innovative design and, in the same time, it is also extremely comfortable.
Its technical fabric is realized thanks to a low energy process, is anti-allergic, non-toxic, 100% recyclable and fire-retardant. Resistant to moulds, bacteria and UV rays, keeping an always brilliant color, is washable in washing machine at 40 degrees.
Available in seven different colors:
OG 12 050 N: Blu Navy
OG 12 050 G: Giallo Maya
OG 12 050 A: Grigio Antracite
OG 12 050 B: Bianco
OG 12 050 R: Rosso Papavero
– OG 12 050 T: Tortora
OG 12 050 Z: Zucca

Technical features:

Archimede square pouf technical drawing