Ermione Outdoor
Collection of outdoor coffee-tables
design Gianmarco Codato e Luciano Trevisiol

Ermione Outdoor is a collection of rounded design coffee tables completely made of steel, to embellish gardens, verandas, terraces, pool and spa areas.

The light but solid structure, that chases itself endlessly in circles, is the basis for the top by generous dimensions.

Ermione is available in three different sizes. The smallest model, Ermione 50 (cm ø 50x44h), is particularly indicated as side table. The models Ermione 65 (cm ø 65x35h) and Ermione 90 (cm ø 90x25h) are really indicated in front of an outdoor sofa. 

It is possible to choose between the 15 RAL colors from the color range 2020.

Outdoor use is guaranteed thanks to the cataphoresis process before painting, which gives the product a high resistance to exposure to atmospheric agents. The coffee tables are delivered not assembled, in two different boxes (one for the top and the other for the legs).

The top must be screwed into the legs thanks to an easy mounting procedure.  This feature gives the possibility to create a custom product. In fact, it is possible to play with different colors choosing one color for the top and another one for the base structure, particularly indicated for contract projects.

Available also in the standard version for indoor use Ermione Metallo, in the version Ermione Vetro-Marmo with marble-glass top available in two different types of marble-glass (Calacatta e Sahara Black) and Ermione Privé in the new finishings GOLD and COPPER.





mat powder coating finishing

Maintenance suggestions:
Use only clean water, with slight additives of neutral washing agents (pH 7), is to be used with the aid of soft, non-abrasive cloths, rags or industrial cotton. Strong rubbing is not to be undertaken. Do not use solvents or similar, containing ester, ketones, polyhydric alcohol, aromatics, ethylene glycol or halogenated hydrocarbon.

Technical characteristics:

–  Three dimensions available:

  • Ermione 50 – cm ø 50 x 44h
  • Ermione 65 – cm ø 65 x 35h
  • Ermione 90 – cm ø 90 x 25h

–  Thickness: 3 mm for the top, 10 mm for the legs

–  Easy mounting, the top is screwed on the base structure. Fixing kit included in the shipment.

Technical features


  • 01
    ral 9010

  • 03
    ral 7042

  • 04
    ral 7024

  • 06
    ral 7044

  • 07
    ral 7002

  • 10
    ral 5009

  • 12
    ral 9005

  • 13
    giallo maya
    ral 100513

  • 14
    ral 2004

  • 19
    ral 6019

  • 20
    ral 6033

  • 21

  • 24
    rosso dalia
    ral 3003

  • 25
    blu navy
    ral 5003

  • 32
    RAL 2001

  • 33
    RAL 6004

  • 36
    RAL 6021