Profumo di lavanda
design by Edeestudio

Lavander flowers have been known since the ancient time and they were used from the Greek and Roman to perfume the water of baths where they immerse themselves in.
In fact, one of the peculiarities of these flowers is the intense and heady scent, that lasts long, even when they are dried. Their color that fades from blue to purple infuses silence, calm and peace. All these things have inspired the creation of this velvet rug. Ideal to decorate each living space with a touch of romance. Fire resistant, good sound absorption and skid proof.
Available in the following dimensions:
– Rectangular big: cm 200×300
– Rectangular small: cm 150×200


  • 04
    ral 7024

  • 06
    ral 7044

  • 07
    ral 7002

  • 13
    giallo maya
    ral 100513

  • 14
    ral 2004

  • 15
    ral 3000