Raggio di sole

A tribute to the mother star of our solar system, not only regarding the name, but also for the choice of the color. Soft strokes of color as on the canvas of painting, makes this carpet a precious piece of furniture.
Its colors and the excellent quality make this rug a perfect piece of furniture that can be coordinate with the other interior design objects belonging to our collection.
Made of natural or synthetic fibers it is available in rectangular format and in fours different dimensions:
TP 01 120: cm 140×200
TP 01 170: cm 170×240
TP 01 200: cm 200×280
– TP 01 230: cm 230×330


  • 03
    ral 7042

  • 06
    ral 7044

  • 13
    giallo maya
    ral 100513