Glass and steel bookcase
design Enrico Cesana

Sarabi is a floor-standing bookcase with an essential and extremely functional design.
It is made entirely of metal and glass. Metal is the material of the supporting structure (8 mm thick rod) and of the upper and lower structural shelves. The three central shelves are made of 8mm-thick transparent or smoked glass. The bookcase is completed with three perforated backs that create an interplay of openings and closures.

It is available in the 18 RAL colors and 2 Privé colors (gold and copper) of the Color Chart.
Beautiful in the living room for the residential sector, it is also an elegant accessory for the office contract sector. Thanks to the multiple lacquer finishes available, it fits both modern and contemporary environments, as well as more classic and ‘luxury’ styles in the case of neutral shades or gold/copper versions.

Steel rod for the structural frame
Steel sheet for the upper and lower shelf
Perforated steel sheet for the back parts
Glass for the central shelves

Mat powder coating finishing for the steel part
Transparent or fumé for the glass

Maintenance suggestions:
Use only clean water, with slight additives of neutral washing agents (pH 7), is to be used with the aid of soft, non-abrasive cloths, rags or industrial cotton. Strong rubbing is not to be undertaken.

Technical characteristics:
– Dimensions: cm 120 x 30 x 145h
– Steel rod thickness: 8 mm
– Thickness of the upper and lower steel shelves : 1,5 mm
– Glass thickness: 8 mm
– Easy mounting: the bookcase is completely welded, it is enough to complete it by installing the glass shelves.

Technical drawing:

Glass and steel bookcase Sarabi


  • 01
    ral 9010

  • 03
    ral 7042

  • 04
    ral 7024

  • 06
    ral 7044

  • 07
    ral 7002

  • 10
    ral 5009

  • 12
    ral 9005

  • 13
    giallo maya
    ral 100513

  • 14
    ral 2004

  • 15
    ral 3000

  • 20
    ral 6033

  • 24
    rosso dalia
    ral 3003

  • 25
    blu navy
    ral 5003

  • 32
    RAL 2001

  • 33
    RAL 6004

  • 36
    RAL 6021