A journey through design and values

Established in 2012, MEMEDESIGN has quickly become a solid and established reality in the Italian and cosmopolitan furniture design scene. It has been able to conquer the international scene with its unmistakable style, made of soft and welcoming lines, capable of combining aesthetics and functionality in a perfect balance and with vibrant colours.
The company owner Cinzia Olivieri has created a brand that has won over the public with its colourful style. But MEMEDESIGN is not just a design company, it is a story of growth and values that intertwine to create furnishing accessories that speak of care, comfort and timeless beauty.

A design that welcomes, furnishes and accompanies for a world in constant evolution

In an increasingly fluid world, where the boundaries between spaces and functions are blurring, MEMEDESIGN believes in transversal design, capable of adapting to the most diverse needs. From contract projects for hotels and offices to solutions for the home environment, where furniture complements fit in harmoniously, enhancing and making each context unique. This also gives rise to all the outdoor projects, where of course colour is the winner.
Following passing fashions has never been his style. MEMEDESIGN aims to create evergreen products that resist ephemeral trends and can continue to excite and furnish with style. Durability is a fundamental value, which is embodied in the choice of high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.

An Italian soul that conquers the world, furnishing with style, living with value.

In addition to design, MEMEDESIGN is founded on solid values that guide every choice and every action. The territory is a fundamental element for the company, a source of inspiration and an engine for growth. RIGOROUSLY MADE IN ITALY, to emphasise the high level of craftsmanship of its products. That famous MADE IN ITALY which above all means love for things well made, passion for beauty, dedication to work, intense days and many challenges. Friendliness and hospitality are values that are breathed into the working environment and found in relations with customers and employees. Inclusiveness is a cardinal principle for MEMEDESIGN, which listens carefully to the needs and ideas of its customers from all over the world and turns them into concrete projects.

A future of innovation and tradition

MEMEDESIGN takes its name from memetics, the modern science that studies memes, i.e. the unit of measurement of the strength of ideas in societies. MEMEDESIGN looks to the future with enthusiasm. The company will continue to grow and evolve, always faithful to its principles and mission: to create furnishing accessories that are not only beautiful, but also functional, long-lasting and capable of conveying positive emotions, and enhancing colour as a design proposition.


In 2023 Memedesign has received a loan of €200,000.00 through the StartER Fund, for the renovation of its building located at Via Mirandola, 24 in Rimini. This project involved the renovation and functional adaptation of the building so that a new local unit could be opened.

Participation in trade fairs to expand the MEME brand in France.
Project to internationalise the MEME brand and our MADE IN ITALY products in the French market, thanks to participation in the Maison&Objet fair in Paris and the Salone del Mobile Milano in 2023.