New collaboration with Architect Luca Pegolo

Luca Pegolo graduated in Architecture at Politecnico of Turin and cooperates with different brands, lighting and sport equipment.
He designed PIEGA lamp for MEMEDESIGN in a climate of close cooperation and mutual exchange, achieving a result that meet the requirements of MEME collection and its sales market.

Luca_foto alta def

PIEGA uses the iron sheet creating essential shapes in a continuous play between colors, lights and shadows. These are the ingredients of a youthful and fresh spirit lamp that fit very well to several situations.

It is suitable as desk lamp or bedside table lamp. Moreover, in living situations, PIEGA lamp creates interesting contrasts of light and shade that, together with a wide color range, make it easily adaptable to different room types.

PIEGA lamp fits very well to different types of furniture thanks to its essential lines and different chromatic finishing that, together with the electric cable cords made of cloth, create interesting and customizable solutions.