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Create timeless elegance, travel in luxury and style: Design Outdoor that transforms spaces into outdoor works of art.

 To celebrate MDW24, we are thrilled to announce our CRUISE collection, an outdoor lounge that transforms open-air spaces into an extension of personal taste, blending seamlessly with the outward backdrop. Luxurious in texture, refined in its poufs and cushions, sophisticated in finishes, sought-after in its color palette, and unbeatable in the durability of its materials with no compromise on quality and style.

The enduring appeal of timeless elegance lies in its ability to evoke emotions, create connections and stand the test of time. By embracing its power, we can surround ourselves with exceptional objects that transcend passing trends, allowing us to create a sense of enduring resilience in our lives.


In collaboration with Leonardo Mercurio, a talented emerging Milanese designer, we have created a collection that perfectly embodies the spirit of the golden age of great cruises of the 1900s. With clean and defined lines, it appeals to the contemporary taste of our most demanding customers in an old-fashioned British style that invites you to embark on a journey through time aboard a luxurious transatlantic, reinvented to fit seamlessly into modern outdoor living spaces. 

Our meticulous attention to high-quality craftsmanship is reflected with aesthetic sensitivity and technical mastery in every detail of this collection, from the impeccable and imperceptible welds that provide solidity and durability, to the overall aesthetic that exudes timeless allure. Each piece is crafted with care and precision to meet, last but not least, the modern needs of practicality.


The seats are spacious and generously padded, every detail, from the armrests to the ergonomic backs, has been designed to offer maximum comfort in an unparalleled relaxation experience that invites you to fully immerse in your inner self and in all its external extensions.

Get ready to experience a totalizing outdoor experience, with furniture that transforms your garden or patio into a classy open-air living.


The sofa and armchair are made of 20 mm square tubing and have a reinforced and laser-perforated sheet metal base. The structure is available in the 18 RAL colors of our color sample. Upon request, it is possible to lacquer the entire RAL range with a personalized quote.  

Both come complete with cushions: a set of two cushions for the armchair (one seat and one back) and a set of three cushions for the sofa (one seat and two backs). Upon request, it is possible to add small square cushions and/or armrests for additional seating comfort.

There is a wide range of outdoor fabrics available in solid or geometric colors and various color variations.

Outdoor sofa and armchair CruiseOutdoor sofa and armchair Cruise

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MEMEDESIGN’s RUGS collection gets a makeover!
Eco-friendly rugs

Focusing on sustainability, for the future of our beloved planet, the new production of RUGS with the romantic name is now made of 100% RENEWABLE POLYESTER.
But why this choice? Polyester is infinitely recyclable, its fibres are 3 times stronger and more durable than cotton, it extends the life of materials by reducing the demand for new raw materials, it simplifies recycling at the end of the product’s life as it eliminates the need to separate the various materials.
With this choice MEMEDESIGN renews its desire to reuse materials, trying to produce as little waste as possible. We believe in a qualitatively better world and we are committed to it.

RAGGIO DI SOLE, RAGGIO DI LUNA and NOTTURNO NEL DESERTO are the names we have given our carpets, colour-coordinated with our lacquers. New dimensions will be announced shortly, to be included in the forthcoming 2024 price list.

Now is the right time to think about how to match the carpet to the coffee table or bookcase.


Eco-friendly rugs: Notturno nel Deserto

Eco-friendly rugs: Raggio di Luna


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Sahara Black and Calacatta marble glass

The Sahara Black and Calacatta marble glass are used for the top of Ermione coffee tables.

This is an artistic finish on glass, shiny.










  • Thanks to HD printing we can recreate the most precious and rare marbles.
  • Light and versatile, it is lighter than marble.
  • It maintains all the properties of chemical resistance and durability typical of glass.
  • Versatile product thanks to its customizable dimensions, from a table top to an entire wall.
  • Not only marbles, but even artistic decors that give new life to new styles.

Cleaning instructions

To guarantee the quality and durability of the material and finish, it is recommended to use specific non- aggressive glass products available on the market together with a soft and non-abrasive cloth.

You can visit the page Products to see the whole Memedesign collection.

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Memedesign confirms its participation also this year at the next edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, Fiera Milano Rho from 18th to 23rd April 2023.
An innovative edition with many novelties, including the single exhibition level to facilitate fruition and visibility.

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023

The exhibition project, with an innovative layout, is designed by Lualdi e Meraldi studio. In order to give visibility to the 2023 news, the project has a particular focus on the skilful use of colour, chromatisms and design combinations. On the other hands, for the choice of building materials, the project fully adheres to the priority values suggested by the Salone del Mobile.Milano respecting environmental, economic and social responsibility.
The new allocation to HALL 6 (BOOTH F30) will certainly allow for easier use.

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023

The new collections resulting from collaborations with internationally recognized architects and designers are presented with a unique, cheerful and dynamic concept, precisely focused on colour and functionality.
For some years now, Memedesign has also been present in the contract sector, especially hotellerie, with its tailor-made craftsmanship with CUSTOM services.
The new indoor and outdoor collections and the new Wallpaper collections are also presented in the new 2023 catalogue edited by UP Studio.
Among the novelties 2023 will be presented:

Bookcase Sarabi: design Enrico Cesana – Bookcase with an essential and minimal silhouette with 8 mm tubular elements, it reveals itself to the space with a strong reference to Mondrian. The central shelves, in extralight or smoked glass, give a touch of elegance and refinement to the modular structure.

Bric & Brac: design Enrico Cesana – “Bric à brac” is an expression of French origin dating back to Victorian era used to refer to precious collectibl or design objects. Bric, a new and colorful coat hanger joins the simplicity of the Brac rod hook. An impressive furnishing couple.

Shelf / Bookcase Sabrina: design Ernesto Maria Giuffré – Versatile for every use and in every space, Sabrina is the ideal support to animate the interior with creativity and style. Infinite compositions can be created: alternating sizes, colors or order of arrangement. Sabrina is much more than a shelf, it is a hanging bookcase element.

Collection Drop: design Leonardo Mercurio – Drop Collection is a line of pouf and bench with rounded shapes and soft but sustained seat. The tubular metal structure is deigned down to the smallest details to surprise and innovative the interior with class and elegance.

MyFlower: design Alalda Design – My Flower is a coat stand with a floral shape and a lively, minimal and contemporary mood. Design and mimesis come together in symbiosis in a single piece of furniture for any type of interior: home, office or residence.

Collection Cookie: design MemeLab – A top that gently takes the shape of a cookie, with the base crossed by rods, and different thickness depending on the material. Cookie collection remember the sweetness of the home, of furniture made with lave and joy. Available in both indoor and outdoor version, both with metal and Laminam top or in any other material for contract, by request.

We remind our booth: Hall 6 – Booth F30

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Meme Mood
The new catalogue COLLECTION 2023

Among the news 2023 we have presented the new catalogue COLLECTION 2023, creating a fully furnished setting with MEMEDESIGN indoor/outdoor products.
A colorful, lively, elegant and youthful home.

MEMEDESIGN brings Made in Italy in expertise combined with the desire to experiment with tireless creative energy to the furnishing sector. The rooms of the home discover new atmospheres thanks to furnishing accessories that captivate the eye and amaze for their functionality and beauty.
Flexible and sinus shapes capable of seducing with the essentiality of minimal lines and the enchantment of contemporary textures.
A design conceived to make everyday environments unique, enriching them with cheerfulness, enthusiasm, originality, for a comfort that is also well-being of the soul.


Visit the section Products to see the whole collection.
Write to info@memedesign.it to ask for the catalogue and price list.


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Trendbook 2022 EquipHotel

In the occasion of our presence to EquipHotel, The Hospitality trade show that took place from06th to 10th November 2022 in Paris, we are glad to inform you that our writing desk Accademy has been selected for the publication on the EquipHotel’s Trendbook 2022.


This publication includes the 9 Hospitality trends and Accademy appears in the section “the Way of work” dedicated to the remote working, so usual in the last years.
Confined to our homes, we learnt to do what we used to do elsewhere. This flexibility has transformed our everyday lives, especially with remote working.
Nowadays, you have to be able to work effectively and comfortably from anywhere at any time. While all this has already happened in our private homes, the hotel and restaurant industry is still getting to grips with it and needs to adapt. Whether in shared spaces (lobbies, restaurants, etc.), dedicated spaces (co-working spaces, business rooms, etc), or private spaces (bedrooms, VIP rooms etc.) we need to be able to work form anywhere, with a good internet connection, while also being able to switch off.

Accademy is also a writing desk particularly useful and very appreciated for the remote working.


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Invitation EquipHotel 2022

Memedesign is glad to invite you at the International Hospitality Expo EQUIPHOTEL, Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles, Paris, from 06th to 10th November 2022.

Invitation EquipHotel 2022

EquipHotel is one of the most important international trade show in Europe for professionals in the hotel and restaurant sector.

We work alongside contractors, architects, designers, procurement agencies for the realization of customized projects, producing each product in Italy and realizing it in the preferred color of the project.
In Paris, we will present the products most in demand by professionals, emphasising, in particular, the possibility to offer custom powder coating services for in and outdoor products, even for small projects.
The custom services of the colors, fabrics and materials of our collection allow architects and designers to create the customization plan suited to the project, with the best economic solution.

A catalogue produced by the ICE Agency, under the heading Pays Invité 2022: l’Italie, has been published on the fair’s website:

Write to info@memedesign.it to ask for the free entrance badge.

Visit the section “Products” of our website too see our complete collection.

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Salone del Mobile Milan 2022

Dear Customers,
Thanks so much for your visit!
We were really pleased to see you again, to know you personally and to show our collections to those who did not yet know us. We are happy with the great turnout and the strong dose of optimism and desire to restart that we have seen in each of you.
A turnout certainly higher than expected and also your vivid participation which, with comments, suggestions, appreciation and proposals, gratified us for the efforts and the result obtained.

Starting from the stand, inspired by the scenes of a theater with the products placed on a high sinuous platform for a more detailed visualization, the new products presented in Milan have synergistically found strength within the IN COLOR WE TRUST concept, combined with elegance and softness this year.
The new proposals for bookcases, shelves and coat hangers have aroused great enthusiasm for the innovative design and versatility.

Salone del Mobile Milan 2022


Among the novelties, the new trendy OLIVE GREEN color immediately available for both metal and fabrics has brought a touch of freshness to the whole stand and has particularly enhanced the combination of SABRINA shelves, designed by the architect Ernesto Maria Giuffré, proposed as a hanging bookcase.

IN COLOR WE TRUST, our strength is color. The new MEME WALLPAPER collection in vinyl paper, starting this year, also places the color vertically on the walls, harmoniously coordinating it with the lacquering of the accessories. Here our video about the Wallpaper Collection.

Bookcase Sabrina

Cactus botte mirror

For the more “luxury” environments, tested best-sellers have also been proposed.

Salone del Mobile Milan 2022 - Memedesign stand

We will shortly update you on delivery times for new products, in the meantime we would like to inform you that the WALLPAPERS, the BRIC & BRAC coat hanger and the CACTUS BOTTE mirror (new variant of the CACTUS mirror) are already available for immediate delivery.

See you next year at the Salone del Mobile from 18 to 23 April 2023!


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Color Palette 2022 Memedesign


Memedesign will present the new 2022 color palette at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The new color palette contains the new fashion color OLIVE RAL 6021.
The spring/summer 2022 fashion has green, in its various shades, as the dominant color. From fashion to interior design and furniture, green is the color of nature, hope and relax, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

The new trendy color fits well with the MEME MOOD project, a project that is mainly based on color declined in all its forms, with a unique, alternative and young style.

The color palette now has 18 RAL colors available for both indoor and outdoor products and 2 metallic colors (gold and copper) for indoor use only.

An already wide range of colors that can increase exponentially thanks to the possibility of supplying other RAL colors on request. Starting from last year, the custom service has in fact been implemented to satisfy large contract supplies but also special residential needs for combinations of styles and colors.

The color is not only the protagonist of objects and furnishings. MEME MOOD means a colorful and coordinated ‘total look’ that also extends to fabrics and wallpapers. A true MEME style unmistakable for the multiplicity of colors suitable for the most varied styles, both metropolitan and classic, and for the most varied tastes in furnishing and decoration.

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Memedesign is glad to invite you to the Salone del Mobile in Milan, HALL 8 BOOTH E40, to show you the new in/outdoor and wallpaper collection.
The new collections were born with the aim of creating a new contemporary mood, colorful and innovative, with functional furnishings for everyday use. They give an enjoyable conception to home and working spaces.

Salone del Mobile 2022

Here are some highlights of the new collections that will be presented during the Salone del Mobile 2022 in Milan:

  • The new Wallpaper collection that brings color back to the wall. Geometric and exclusive drawings, whose colors are coordinated with the products lacquers.
  • Cruise: new OUTDOOR collection, sofa and armchair of large dimensions, for a comfortable relaxing moment.
  • MyFlower: the original coat rack inspired by a flower with a joyful mood.
  • Sarabi: the new bookcase with glass and metal shelves.
  • Drop: a new elegant collection of benches and poufs with a soft upholstered seat.

We look forward to meeting you to the Salone del Mobile 2022. You will find there also other collections, the new colors and the new fabrics 2022.

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Spread bookcase – out of production
The bookcase SPREAD is not in production any longer since February 2022.
We kindly ask you to take note about this information on page 22 of our Price List.


A valide alternative to Spread is still our INNESTO bookcase, consisting of a supporting module to be fixed to the wall and four interlocking shelves. We would like to remind you that you can choose different colors for the shelves and the module from our 17 RAL colors and two PRIVÉ colors (Gold and Copper). By combining several modules you can obtain magnificent wall compositions that can be adapted to any space.

Bookcase INNESTO









Please write to info@memedesign.it to ask for the updated price list and other information you may need.

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The new PRICE LIST 2021

Price list Memedesign

It is with great trepidation that we present to you the new PRICE LIST 2021.
This price list is a PROLOGUE to the new project MOOD MEME 2021, which will be the beginning of a virtuous and fascinating three-year project, starting from the SALONE 2021 in Milan. A project that will allow to create a coordinated and dynamic environment, in full MEME_home style, with many combinations that allow to create everyday living places, and not only simple complements to be sporadically inserted in a habitat.

In the first pages we have included some NEW PRODUCTS, some of which are READY FOR DELIVERY because they are nothing more than improvements to the existing ones, like the coffee tables ERMIONE in the version bi-color, while others will be available from mid-November 2021. The new products will be included in the next catalogue ready for the Milan trade fair, so at the moment this becomes a CATA-PRICE LIST.


Write to info@memedesign.it to ask for the new price list.

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Autumn colors
New chromatisms to warm the environment

Autumn colors: Lolita armchair by Memedesign

Summer gives way to the cooler season, while nature is covered with the warmest autumn colors, reminding of the earth, in shades of red, yellow and earthenware. It’s still a pleasure to sit in the garden, for example on a beautiful and comfortable armchair (such as the Lolita collection), with a nice steaming mug in hand or to enjoy some roasted chestnuts. Our coffee tables, chosen in these warm finishes, are perfect for the decoration of your autumnal garden (see the Ermione collection).


Outdoor coffee tables Ermione

















Memedesign collection also offers some textile products that perfectly match with the colors of metal, for example the pouf Eirene in orange velvet, durable and soft to the touch. Otherwise get wrapped in the atmosphere of these colors with the orange of the mirror Babele.


Multifunctional mirrors: BABELE BIG valet stand with mirror by Memedesign

pouf Eirene indoor

Take inspiration from these hues to warm up your home and create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, that brings joy during cold and rainy days.

Autumn colors: Diletta mirror by Memedesign

Autumn colors: the coffee table Frame by Memedesign


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Red passion: lively proposals to characterize the furniture and inspire creativity.

Red passion: the writing desk Accademy by Memedesign


Red is the passion that overwhelms lovers, but red is also pure and romantic love, made of connection between heart and mind. It is a symbol of energy in constant movement, an energy linked to human needs and material security, such as the place where you live. Precisely for this reason today we want to suggest some images in full Memedesign spirit, with the most vibrant colors of the collection, but all products also for outdoor use can be requested in vibrant RED.


Red passion: Libris coffee table


Red calls attention, awakens the senses in an immediate way and brings the mind back to the present moment. It is synonymous with a strong personality and self-confidence, stimulates creativity and self-esteem. Chosen for the living room, the kitchen or within a dynamic and daytime environment, it gives great benefits. For example, it can give character to the entrance, combining the Nuvola mirror with the Lama console, or choosing it for the Libris magazine rack and Libro Verticale. Imagine them near your sofa, to keep your favorite books. The red color is also ideal for the office, due to its ability to keep attention high. The Accademy desk in red is a perfect solution for a quiet corner dedicated to study or work, combined with a comfortable pouf and other Memedesign products.
All products are available in two red variants: our red “Papavero” (RAL 3000) and our red “Dalia” (RAL 3003).

Red Passion: shelves and coat hangers Balloon

Red passion: bookcase Libro Verticale by Memedesign

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Elegant coffee tables with marble glass top for cozy and refined corners.

Ermione is a collection of elegant coffee tables available in three different sizes, with marble glass and extra clear glass tops, designed by Gianmarco Codato and Luciano Trevisiol.
The prestigious marble glass top is fixed on the painted steel structure, skilfully worked and curved so as to imagine it chasing itself endlessly. The line of the legs creates unique games of intertwining and three-dimensionality, which well represents the desire to enrich the environment in elements with a sophisticated spirit. Try to imagine Ermione in front of your beautiful sofa, to enjoy a good aperitif or to comfortably watch your favorite programs on TV.

Elegant coffee tables with marble glass top Memedesign

The peculiarity of this collection is the marble glass top, which thanks to the technology of digital printing on glass perfectly reproduces the veins of marble. The marble glass, in addition to having a high realism, is very resistant. Observe the beauty and preciousness of the Calacatta and Sahara black top, that come together to create black & white games.

Elegant coffee tables with Sahara black marble glass top

The top is also available in the extra clear transparent glass version.
The collection can be chosen in the 15 RAL colors of the chart, whose softer shades perfectly match the marble glass and transparent glass top.
The touch of exclusivity is even more evident in the Ermione Privè version, with a structure in metallic gold and copper finishes, particularly suitable for those who prefer a more refined style.

Elegant coffee tables with Calacatta marble glass top Memedesign

Elegant coffee tables ERMIONE with marble glass top Memedesign

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As the warmest time of the year is arriving, we have thought of a special promotion for you!


For all orders of the entire collection, available in the 17 colors of our Color Chart, received between 20 July and 30 August 2021, an extra discount of 10% will be recognized, in addition to the usual basic discount, without a minimum order, with delivery in September.
The transport costs contributions for single shipments indicated in the sales conditions remain valid. The extra discount cannot be combined with further discounts for quantities or with any discount for display orders previously communicated.

Promo Bentornata Estate

We also have a stock of products ready for delivery. Writing us at info@memedesign.it to request availability you will find bigger extra discounts and the possibility to receive these products even before our summer holidays.
For a quick view of our whole collection, we invite you to have a look on our website in the section Products.

Please notice that the coffee table TWIN BASSO (both indoor and outdoor version) won’t be available until end of September 2021.

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The coffee table from the LOLITA collection was selected by the famous magazine Cose di Casa in its June issue, page 99, under the title “Piccoli, ma sempre all’altezza”.
The article emphasises the importance of coffee tables as indispensable support points next to sofas and armchairs, which become perfect bases for an aperitif or relaxing moments on the terrace or in the garden.

small but always good


This is the case of LOLITA coffee table which, like other coffee tables in our collection, is available in both indoor and outdoor versions. Thanks to the possibility of choosing from 15 RAL colours for the outdoor version, they embellish gardens, terraces, swimming pool areas and verandas with colour and style, giving a touch of originality and cheer to outdoor spaces.
For the indoor version, two metallic colours GOLD and COPPER are also available. This colours characterize our Privé collection.
Both Memedesign coffee tables and all Memedesign furnishing accessories satisfy the needs and tastes of a wide, multifaceted public. They are perfect in metropolitan and contemporary environments in the brightly coloured versions, or in more classic contexts in neutral tones, where steel is mixed with other materials.
To view the entire collection visit the PRODUCTS section. In addition to coffee tables, you will find ottomans, mirrors, bookcases and shelves, as well as other matching design objects to enrich your indoor and outdoor spaces and projects.

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The coffee table TWIN bot for indoor and for outdoor use will not be available for 6 weeks.

We inform that, following the recent and constant increase in raw material and the unavailability of some thicknesses, the indoor / outdoor coffee table TWIN B (only in diameter 60 cm), will not available for at least 5/6 weeks.
On the other hands, the model TWIN A of diameter 45 cm, will remain available. It belongs always to TWIN collection of coffee tables, available bot for INDOOR use (page 8 of our price list) and OUTDOOR use (page 20 of our price list).
We kindly ask to take note in order not to incur orders that we are unable to fulfill.
As an alternative to TWIN B we suggest the coffee table ERMIONE 65 (diameter 65 cm) available for indoor and for outdoor, which is also the most requested in this period. We remind that all the products for outdoor use are treated by the cataphoresis process before the painting and are available in the 15 RAL colors of our Color Chart.
The indoor products are available, in addition to the 15 RAL colors, also in the two “Privé” colors ORO/GOLD and COPPER/RAME.

Hoping that this situation can be resolved in a positive way very soon, we remind you that you can contact us for any type of quotation, request for information, contract projects.

We invite to visit the section PRODUCTS of our website to see our whole collection.

Coffee table TWIN a and TWIN B by Memedesign


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Multifunctional mirrors: utility, versatility and elegance in a single design object.
Multifunctional mirrors: BABELE BIG valet stand with mirror by Memedesign

CACTUS and BABELE. The metamorphosis of the mirror
Although the oldest traces of the production of small mirrors date back to Egypt in the 1st century BC, due to a special relationship with the solar god, today modern users are asking for new and additional functions. Mirrors that take new shapes and are enriched with details that make them unique design objects, for style and functionality. Memedesign meets these new requests with a collection of mirrors.

Multifunctional mirrors: BABELE SMALL with pocket emptier by Memedesign

This is the case of BABELE, a multifunctional object, both mirror and “pocket emptier” or coat hanger. Useful to organize order and disorder in a precise and elegant way in every area of the house.
You can choose BABELE both in the BIG version, with full-height mirror, and in the SMALL version, with half-height mirror and “pocket emptier” shelf.
Easy assembly.
Design: Gianmarco Codato e Luciano Trevisiol
Anno: 2019

Multifunctional mirrors: CACTUS mirror with shelves by Memedesign

CACTUS, on the other hand, is a wall mirror by a changing shape, adapting itself to the various requests and personalising the space. Equipped with side shelves, complete with backrest, which can be positioned on the right or left on request. It is possible to choose up to a maximum of 3 shelves. It creates unique symmetries. The steel shelves can be chosen among with the 17 colors of the color chart.
An object suitable for the living area, entrance, bathroom or bedroom.
Easy assembly.
Design: Ernesto Maria Giuffré
Anno: 2020

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Outdoor coffee tables and poufs: spring brings a desire for color even in the garden

outdoor coffee tables and poufs

ROUND coffee tables and BERENICE poufs

Color, freshness and style. Three important aspects for decorating gardens, terraces and pool areas.
The ERMIONE and ROUND coffee tables, in the outdoor version, respond to these needs very well. All available in fifteen RAL colors, they are suitable for outdoor use thanks to the cataphoresis process, before painting.

Outdoor coffee tables Ermione

ERMIONE coffee tables

Both ROUND and ERMIONE fit well with the ARCHIMEDE outdoor poufs, available in two different types of fabrics (11 different colors). A complete collection, both for colors and shapes. Covered by a very technical fabric: anti-allergic, non-toxic, 100% recyclable, fireproof and highly resistant to UV rays, thus ensuring high resistance of the color to exposure to sunlight. A comfortable and, at the same time, very sustained pouf suitable for a relaxing moment outside.

 Outdoor coffee tables and poufs

Thanks to the customer ARANHA SRL in Notuwez, Belgium, where you can find ROUND coffee-tables in Zucca RAL 2004 and Pioggia RAL 7042, and ARCHIMEDE poufs in Zucca and Antracite colors.


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On 7th May 2021 we presented the new samples box to our sale force.

The box includes:

  • 11 outdoor fabrics divided into two types (A “Archimede” and B “Geometrico”)
  • 13 indoor fabrics divided into two types (C “Velvet” and D “Chenille”)
  • 17 color chips

Samples Box Memedesign Samples box: fabrics and color chips























The box is the best way to show the high quality of the materials and finishing used.
The prestigious fabrics are used for the upholstery of the cuscions sets for the armchair and sofa of LOLITA collection and for the cover of the poufs EIRENE, ARCHIMEDE and BOBINO.
In the new projects the company intends to develop the outdoor products more and more, with prestigious upholstery. The new products will be presented to the Salone del Mobile in Milan, September 2021.
The box has been studied in order to contain further samples in the future.


Samples of fabrics color Beige









Thanks to the color chips, the customers can touch and understand the finishing of all the metal products, coffee-tables, shelves, bookcase, all available in 15 RAL colors and two metallic colors (GOLD and copper).


Our price list is valid for the colors of our Color Chart only. Other colors will be quoted according to RAL, model and quantity.

Write us to info@memedesign.it to ask for the samples box.


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The rediscovery of the desk. Accademy, an elegant and practical design for a home corner dedicated to study and work

The writing desk Academy with Copper legs

A combination of materials, refined and elegant finishes, give life to the Accademy writing desk, the first desk of the MEMEDESIGN collection, useful for writing and reading, ideal for work and study spaces, suitable for both residential and contract projects.
In the past, when books were very heavy and you needed pens and inkwells to write, it was just a piece of furniture for reading and writing.
Today it is an indispensable object for those who work at home and must dedicate a small domestic corner to office activities, as well as those people who study and take online lessons.
Designed by architects Gianmarco Codato and Luciano Trevisiol, the desk also conveys the typical wisdom of private moments.

The writing desk Accademy and the mirror Cactus

The possibility to have the frame structure in the 15 RAL colors enables its use even for the children rooms, in the colorful versions. Moreover, the frame structure is available in 2 Privé colors (GOLD and COPPER), that make it perfect for a study / work coin inside a “luxury” space, with great charm.
The top, characterized by the big thickness (3 cm), is rounded in the front side and made of carbon oak veener, wide enough for any type of writing / reading activity.

The top of the writing desk Accademy

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The indoor pouf Eirene was selected by the famous magazine named Casafacile in November issue. In particular Eirene was published in the editorial entitled ““Come arredare (e vivere) una villa modernista / How to furnish (and live) a modernist villa”, written by Studio Pisk.

The photo shoot took place inside one of the splendid Olivettian houses in Ivrea.

The pouf, in the version with chenille fabric in color tortora (fabric code D2 0007), is set inside a girl’s bedroom. What immediately stands out to the eye is the combination of soft colors with pink. A strong and decisive color is “softened” by beige and tortora tones. The environment inspires calm and tranquility. A place to “switch off” your mind, a corner dedicated to reading thanks to the comfortable pouf which, combined with an armchair as in the bedroom, can also act as a footrest.

indoor pouf Eirene by Memedesign

indoor pouf Eirene in Tortora color by Memedesign

Eirene is in fact a collection of indoor poufs, which can be used to furnish different environments and styles. The availability of different types of fabric, in various colors and various designs, gives the possibility to combine the pouf both in bright colors and environments, and in more refined and “luxury” spaces. It can be placed in all rooms. Suitable in the living room next to the sofa and one or more coffee tables from the Memedesign collection . Very nice in the bedroom or children bedroom and even in the entrance (the combination with Lama Console is beautiful).

In the “Products” section you will find all the design furnishing accessories from the Memedesign collection.

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The Made in Italy by MEMEDESIGN goes to Russian Federal Republic and neighboring countries. In fact, the Russian magazine INTERIERNY has selected three MEME products for the September issue.

INTERIERNY is a Russian magazine dedicated to the furniture sector that is distributed to Russian architects, designers, decorators. In addition, it is distributed at furniture fairs, furniture stores and relaxing areas in the most prestigious spaces.

A beautiful article entirely dedicated to MEMEDESIGN where three of our best-sellers have been selected:: the coffee table INN DOPPIO, in its Privé version with steel structure in GOLD color, the armchair and the footrest pouf of our LOLITA in-outdoor collection and the ACCADEMY desk with top in real carbon-stained oak veneer.

MEMEDESIGN therefore confirms its vocation for internationalization, thanks also to its strength given by a true MADE IN ITALY design, which combines color and elegance at the same time, highly appreciated all over the world.

The Made in Italy by Memedesign on Interierny

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PROMO: RICOMINCIO CON TE (I start again with you)

It’s so nice to be able to find ourselves, even if only virtually, after the short summer break and all the events caused by Covid.
The opportunity is fueled by the desire to start again, to renew, and also to leave behind the bad sensations of this experience that touched everyone on a global level. We all felt a little alone, isolated, and hesitant about the future. But today, as a demonstration of closeness, we are pleased to offer the following SPECIAL OFFER.

PROMO: RICOMINCIO CON TE (I start again with you)

For all the orders received within 30th September 2020 we will grant 10% extra discount, in addition to the standard base discount, with no minimum order (the transport contribution for single shipments listed in the sales conditions will remain valid).

Proud of our 100% Made in Italy, made of passion and quality, we hope to start autumn together with the power of color and design.
For a quick view of our new products, we invite you to visit the Products section of our website.

For any inquiry about our new catalogue and price list please write to: info@memedesign.it.

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The Memedesign collection opens up more and more to the outdoor world.
The outdoor collection LOLITA, designed by studio Viganò, characterized by a decidedly modern taste, a rigorous aesthetic but softened by large rounded armrests and by the coordinated outdoor fabric, is one of the most important news of 2020.

The metal parts are treated by cataphoresis and then painted in the RAL colors of the collection. Then they are combined with the textile accessories, poufs and cushions, characterized by highly technical (and patented) materials, anti-mite and anti-mold, resistant to the sunlight.
Thanks to these materials the product is useful for an outdoor use, resistant to atmospheric agents, as regards the metal part, and to sunlight as regards the fabric part.

Lolita outdoor sofa and coffee-table 2 Lolita outdoor collection sofa and coffee table green









LOLITA is composed of a sofa (cm 150 x 81,5 x 63h), an armchair (cm 85 x 81,5 x 63h), a coffee table (cm 42,5 x 42,5 x 62h) and a footrest pouf that can also act as a second side table (cm 70 x 70 x 36h). The fabric is available in different colors that can be combined with the RAL colors of the metal frame.

Lolita outdoor collection green Lolita outdoor armchair and pouf









A collection useful for the contract sectors (hotels, resorts) but also residential (private gardens and terraces). Cozy and relaxing for outdoor leisure.


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Memedesign is glad to announce the new collaboration with the designer Leonardo Mercurio who designed the new collections of coffee tables Hug and Frame.

HUG coffee table with Marquinia marble top









Collection of coffee table FRAME

Leonardo Mercurio was born in Bari (Italy) on 2 December 1985. He immediately developed the innate, spontaneous and sometimes atypical need to express his creativity and to represent his ideas in images. For this reason, he chooses to attend the Bari State Institute first and then move to Milan. Inspired by the urban and social context, in 2011 he graduated with honors in the “Artistic Design for Business” at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Attracted by the Japanese minimalist style, he started his professional experience with Setsu & Shinobu Ito – ITO Design Studio of which he was project / manger.

He collaborates with companies such as Antonio Lupi, Materium, Meme Design, Sawaya & Moroni, Riva1920, Désirée, Adrenalina, Lago, Guzzini, Lavazza, Hands on Design, Fiam Italia, Reggiani, Giovanardi, etc. In 2015 the first personal goal arrives; wins the Cristalplant Design Contest for Antonio Lupi as Young Designer with the Fe-Man project, a freestanding washbasin with sinuous and sculptural shapes, currently in the company’s catalog, in 2017 he won the 4th Riva1920 Design Award, with the Mademoiselle chair as designer 26, now in the prototyping phase.

In 2018 he won the 1st Prize for the Textile Design Experience contest with Giovanardi / Sprech Agorà Design for the Irsun Living section with the Alvi project, a collection of outdoor poufs, which has in its particularity the curved aluminum base on which it is represented a graphic design created by handmade mosaic inlays that incorporates the texturization of the fabric of the upper cushion, created with the collaboration of the mosaicist teacher of the “Mosaic School” of Spilimbergo Vera Belikova.

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Memedesign expands its collection also thanks to the combination of refined and elegant materials and the painted metal sheet. New products characterized by details that do not go unnoticed for their care. Objects useful also for WORK and CONTRACT spaces. Versatile and individual, confirming a trend that has now been consolidated for working spaces.

This is well represented by ACCADEMY, designed by the architects Gianmarco Codato and Luciano Trevisiol. Thought for the modern home-office, the writing desk also conveys the ancient wisdom typical of private moments. The large rounded top, in charcoal-dyed oak veneer, softens the rigorous structure in colored iron (available in 15 colors) with its warm tactile surface.

Accademy deserves an exclusive place in your home where you can use your devices with the possibility of writing, studying and working. Provided with a wide technical slot to hang your studying or working accessories and tools.

Dimensions: cm 116 x 63 x 98 (total height)
Top thickness: 3.5 mm
Height up to the top: 74 cm


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A minimalist but joyful design, this is the main characteristic of Memedesign products. A concept and a way of production that reflects the radical changes we are experiencing in our living spaces, dominated by the decoration with all the explosive strength of the color.

This is well represented by NUVOLA, designed by the architects Gianmarco Codato and Luciano Trevisiol. A mirror that it’s not only a mirror. Drawing inspiration from the blue sky, in tune with MEME mood, it fits in young contexts thanks to the vivid colorful lower shelf, that caresses the mirror and delimits its design.

A refershing and original design, that is well included in different contests, from bathrooms to entrance halls, to bedrooms. Equipped with a shelf support and fischer plugs.
Well combined with the LAMA console.

Dimensions: cm 70 x 70 x 10 (shelf depth)
Mirror diameter: cm 60

NUVOLA wall mirror with shelf

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The Memedesign collection continues under the banner of color, its strong point and dominant leitmotiv.
A minimalist but joyful design that is well represented by the wall mirror DILETTA.
This product has been designed by the studio Viganò, who dedicates with care and passion to the industrial design and artistic direction of various companies of the sector.

The wide mirror with rounded corners can be hung both vertically and horizontally, creating funny juxtapositions of colors in several spaces.
The practical 12,5 cm shelf functions as frame and makes Diletta a multifunctional and extremely versatile object. Available in all the colors of the range.

Useful for the different rooms of the house, from the entry to the bedroom, it is a very interesting object also for the contract hotel.

Whole dimensions: cm 75 x 60 x 12,5 (shelf depth).

DILETTA wall mirror

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Memedesign, with its colorful objects responds to a real need: make your homes or working areas personal and unique but, in the same time, always different thanks to the wide choice of colors and finishings.
Therefore, Memedesign presents BABELE, the new mirror designed by the architects Gianmarco Codato and Luciano Trevisiol. They have been collaborating together to realize interior design projects since 2015.

Linear, colorful and complete. A multifunctional object, that combines the reflective function of the mirror, with the possibility of being used both as a coat rack and as a valet stand. Useful even as “pocket emptier”, it is an object necessary to organize order and disorder in every part of the house in a precise and elegant way. Very useful also for small and big hotels and B&B.

Available both in BIG version with a large full-height mirror (mirror’s height cm 160) and SMALL version with a smaller mirror (mirror’s height cm 60) also provided with a “pocket emptier” compartment.
Whole dimensions of the products: cm 94 x 40 x 185h.

Babele small valet stand with mirrorBabele Big valet stand with mirro

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Following the latest trends shown in Cologne and Paris, MEMEDESIGN is glad to present the
Color Char 2020 Memedesign
In addition to the already existing colors, two more color options will be available this year.
All the colors can be used both for INDOOR and for OUTDOOR products:
  1. COCCIO – RAL 2001
  2. ZIRCONE – RAL 6004
These colors are already available for all the products of our range, even before the new catalogue.
We remind that the COLOR OF THE YEAR of PANTONE 2020 is the CLASSIC BLUE (19-40529) really close to our BLU NAVY that can be easily used as classic blue.
BLU NAVY is already present in the color chart of Memedesign and it will be present in the products shown in the new catalogue.
Another news is represented by the metallic finishes GOLD and COPPER that compose the Privé collection. These finishings are available for all the metal products, make them even more elegant and useful for a more classic customer.
MEMEDESIGN once again shows its dynamism and responsiveness to the demands of the contemporary consumer.

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During the month of November, several magazines dedicated to the world of furnishing and design have selected MEMEDESIGN products.
The Spanish magazine Interiores has chosen our shelf FLAP in GIALLO MAYA color, published on page 45 in a section dedicated to shelves and wall bookcases.

The Italian magazine Cose di Casa, instead, has selected the ROUND 1 coffee table, that belongs to the ROUND collection. Round is available both in indoor and outdoor versions. This magazine has selected a strong and intense color too, the ROSSO PAPAVERO.









Last but not least, the Italian magazine Casa e Stilihas published the brand new valet stand with mirror BABELE. Babele is available both in the BIG version with full-height mirror, and SMALL with mid-height mirror and pocket-empty shelf. In this case too, bright colors were chosen such as BLU PETROLIO and ROSSO DALIA.


The common point of all publications is COLOR, an element that distinguishes MEMEDESIGN products, all available in 15 different colors, all for the same price.

For this reason, MEMEDESIGN will add two more colors next year – Coccio Rotorange RAL 2001 and Verdeblu RAL 6004.

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In the occasion of next CHRISTMAS we have the pleasure to reserve you a SPECIAL GIFT!


For any kind of order received between 10.12.2019 and 10.01.2020 we grant an extra 10% discount, in addition to the basic one, without minimum order, for any kind of order value (the transport costs contributions listed in the table “Annex 1” on page 3 of the sales conditions are still valid).

Please add to the order ref: PROMO BUON NATALE 2019

Deliveries of orders received during this promotional period will take place starting from 10 of January 2020.

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In order to bring the world of work and training closer together, since  March 2019 a collaboration between the institute L.A.B.A., FREE ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS of Rimini and the company MEMEDESIGN has begun.
The second year students of the Academy visited the company headquarters on March 26th, together with their professor of the Design course, Mr. Santolini.


All students interacted with Cinzia Olivieri, owner of the company, through related questions both to products and  company briefs. Very significant were the questions related to the  approaching of the business world and how to be known.
Different products have been analyzed both as executive drawings and as live production.

“I like knowing new creative talents and giving space to new and promising designers if possible. I find it consistent with the philosophy of MEME and with its way of approaching the market “. Cinzia Olivieri stated  at the end of the meeting.

Students will  be now developing  some new briefs that the company, in agreement with the Academy, considered correct to submit for the continuity of the collaboration, which will also see Ms Olivieri involved in the elaboration of these projects.

Academies, like universities, are High Culture Institutes and as such cannot be limited to the simple transmission of knowledge, but must be able to produce culture through continuous.

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Several press releases have been published in April 2019.
The following Italian and international magazines has chosen MEMEDESIGN.

DentroCasa, Italy, published a preview of “Nuvola”, the brand new mirror and shelf. A very versatile product that can be used in different room types as the whole MEMEDESIGN collection.

On Diseno (Spain) and Käfer (Germany) selected the outdoor collection, in particular the coffee table COROLLA OUTDOOR.
This is the proof of the international attention to the brand and specially to the outdoor world.

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ddn FREE, the special free press by Design Diffusion World, has selected some products of MEMEDESIGN for its edition N. 31 concerning the International Furniture Fair Milan 2019.

The magazine has published an article about the collections Balloon and Way designed by the architect Gianmarco Codato. In addition, even a preview has been published; “Babele”, both mirror and coat hanger, always designed by Gianmarco Codato together with Luciano Trevisiol.

Babele and all the news 2019 are shown at Fuorisalone 2019, at the Olivieri Brera store, and will be soon present also in the section “Catalogue” where the whole MEMEDESIGN collection is live.

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MEMEDESIGN is glad to invite you to the Grand Opening Galà, Fuorisalone 2019 event, in collaboration with Matrix, Skinwall and Materium.
Happy hour with DJ SET on Thursday 11th April from 5.00 p.m.
Flagshipstore Olivieri Brera, Largo Trives 2, Brera Design District, Milan.

All the products of MEMEDESIGN collection and the news 2019 are shown at Olivieri Brera store during the whole Design Week from 9th to 14th Aprile 2019.

Evento Fuorisalone 2019

Evento Furoisalone 2019

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In an ever-changing and expanding world, we are glad to invite you at the flagship store Olivieri Brera, Largo Treves 2, during Milan Design Week from 9th April to 14th April, to show you the new metamorphosis of Memedesign.

You will find there new collections of wall mirrors, writing desks, rugs and tables with new finishing.  We will present also the new exhibition concept characterized by a space layout in a very MEME style, designed by the architects Mariani-Elleri of MARE Architetti, to enhance and colors and underline the versatile design of the products.

Milan, Brera Design District, Largo Treves 2, at Olivieri Brera from 10.00am to 9.30pm.

Visit the section Catalogue to see the complete collection.

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The wonderful collection of coffee tables WAY by MEMEDESIGN has been selected by the magazine Ville e Giardini. Click here to see the related article.

Designed by the designer Gianmarco Codato in 2017, this is a collection of coffee tables available in three different heights:

  • WAY SOFA cm ø 45x50h
  • WAY BISTROT cm ø 60x90h
  • WAY BAR cm ø 60x90h


WAY collection of coffee tables









They are characterized by an essential design and by the shape of the top which is like a sectioned circle, enabling to put the tables next to the wall or facing each other extending the table top.
Available both for indoor and outdoor use and in 15 different colors of MEMEDESIGN range.

Even the collection of shelves and coat hangers BALLOON was designed by the designer Gianmarco Codato together with Luciano Trevisiol.

An extremely functional collection thanks to the double use of shelf and coat hanger, available in two different models and three different dimensions:

  • MODEL A with single hooks in three different lengths cm 45 – 60 and 60
  • MODEL B with a big hook for towels in two different lengths cm 60 and 90

For information about prices and sales conditions please write us to: info@memedesign.it.

Visit the section Catalogue of our website to see the whole range of products.


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Dear customer,
we are glad to inform about the new headquarter and trade name of our company starting from 01.01.2019.

Via Marecchiese, 300  – 47922 Rimini (RN)
Partita iva 0441973040
Ph: 0541 728492 (always the same)
Mail:info@memedesign.it (always the same)

The new headquarter, with a brand new showroom corner will allow us to meet our customers, professionals and architects in several occasions to inform about the next novelties. The scheduling of these events will be communicated starting from March 2019.

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The color ROSA QUARZO, RAL 3015, does not belong to our range of colors any longer starting from September 2018, while the color CIELO is still available.




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From 25th May 2018 the New General Data Protection Regulations EU 2016/679 “GDPR” will come into force.
MEMEDESIGN by Homedesign di Olivieri Cinzia s.a.s., respecting the privacy of all users, has updated the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. The update will be active from 25th May 2018.

We invite you to read the updated version of Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy starting from 25th May 2018.

MEMEDESIGN by Homedesign di Olivieri Cinzia s.a.s. keeps your e mail address in a safe way, using it only to inform you about our activities and news. In case you desire to be cancelled from our database, we invite you address an e mail to our CEO writing to info@memedesign.it

According to the Law 675/1996, D.LGS. 196/2003, we inform you that your e mail address has been procured by proposals or adhesion we received from you directly, business cards, direct e-mails or public sources. If the message arrives to a person who is not interested, please let us know in writing to info@memedesign.it specifying that you desire to be removed from our mailing list. We are always careful to avoid multiple mails to the same person, in case this happens please let us know. Thanks.





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MEMEDESIGN attends Fuorisalone 2018 presenting several new products and the brand new collection for outdoor.

Invitation Fuorisalone 2018
Thanks to the renewed collaboration with Olivieri and Inkiostro Bianco, this year MEMEDESIGN shows its indoor and outdoor collection in Largo Treves 2, in the prestigious Brera Design District. 

In the beautiful Largo Treves square, there will be a gazebo set up with the following products: 
Coffee table ROUND OUTDOOR (nei modelli 1-2-3)
Coffee table WAY BISTROT h. 74
Basket pot for plants ETTORE
Outdoor rug ACHILLE 

while the novelties inside the show room will be:
Coffee table COSTANCE QUADRATO with special wood top
Umbrella stand AMBROGIO 
Shelves / Coat Hangers BALLOON 
Coffee table WAY SOFA

to be added to the other products of the collection visible in the section Catalogue of our website.
On Wednesday 18th April from 6.30pm an happy hour event  with dj-set!
MEMEDESIGN wait for you in Milan!

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“In Colors We Trust”
MEMEDESIGN presents for the first time the brand new collection indoor & outdoor 2018 on Wednesday 29th November 2017 in the showroom Olivieri / Inkiostro Bianco, Largo Treves 2, Milan, Brera District.
To book and receive the copay of the new catalogue “In Colors We Trust” we kindly ask to confirm your presence to this event writing to: info@memedesign.it
Some new products 2018 are already visible in the section “Products“.





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MEMEDESIGN will attend SIA GUEST 2017, the International Hospitality Exhibition, which will take place in Rimini from 12th to 14th October in a new and renovated stand:
HALL D3 – RAW 5 – STAND 010.

In this way we will intend to show and renew our interest in the hospitality and contract sector in general.
Morevoer, it will the be right occasion to present new products and the new outdoor collection.
MEMEDESIGN spread its production to the outdoor field with some collections already present in the catalogue, and other brand new collections, always available in 15 different colors. Two new colors will be included in the range: ROSSO DALIA – RAL 3003 and BLU NAVY – RAL 5003.


  • ROUND all dimensions
  • FINITY, with one more dimension 7 cm higher


  • COROLLA designed by the architect Ernesto Maria Giuffré
  • LIBRO VERTICALE designed by the architect Ernesto Maria Giuffré
  • WAY, presented during the “Fuorisalone 2017” and available in three different dimensions h. 50 – h. 74 and h. 90cm, designed by the architect Gianmarco Codato.
  • ETTA, bike stand, with modified dimensions and better ground and wall attachment.

In addition to metal products, in order to spread the outdoor range, we will present also:

  • BERENICE, round pouf in three different variants for outdoor and indoor use
  • ARCHIMEDE square pouf available in 7 different colors, fire resistant, and suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • ACHILLE, rug for outdoor and indoor use available in two different colors and 4 different sizes
  • ETTORE, basket pots for plants outdoor/indoor.

Moreover, also two lamps will be presented:

  • AUSEL made of glass
  • TATIUS made of lightweight concrete

We look forward to meeting you to show all the novelties.

To ask for the entrance ticket write to info@memedesign.it

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Memedesign spreads its name in France and is glad to announce its collaboration with:

5, Rue des Marchands
3000 Nîmes – France

A real design boutique dedicated to home decor where you can see several models of our collection such as our coffee tables FINITY, FREELINE and BOBINO POUF as well as the coffee table and magazine rack LIBRIS.
Also the brand new collection of shelves and wall coat hangers BALLOON is shown at PRISM ART & DESIGN, to be added to the modular shelf SPREAD that can be purchased in more pieces to compose elegant and original bookcases.
Among the coat hangers you can see also FIOCCO and GRAFFETTA suitable for any home space but also for offices and hotels as well as all the other objects of MEMEDESIGN collection.

Visit the “Products” section to see the whole range of our products.

Memedesign at Prism Art & Design France Memedesign at Prism Art & Design France 2







Memedesign at Prism Art & Design France 3 Memedesign at Prism Art & Design France 4


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The whole collection of shelves/coat hangers BALLOON and the coffee table WAY SOFA, belonging to WAY collection, are now available for sale.
Shelves/hangers Balloon









BALLOON is already available in all the six versions:

  • BALLOON SINGOLO sold in couple or in group of three pieces
  • BALLOON 60 cm
    • with two single hangers
    • with one single and one big hanger
  • BALLOON 95 cm
    • with two single hangers
    • with one single and one big hanger

Compared to the preview shown during the FuoriSalone, the versions with the big hanger have been slightly modified in the dimensions, as the following drawings.

Shelves/hangers Balloon 60cm Shelves/hangers Balloon 90cm








This funny object combine the use of a shelf to that of a coat hanger/towel rail and it can be use in various interior spaces, from the hall to the kitchen, from bedrooms to bathrooms.

On the other hands, WAY collection will be soon available even for outdoor.
At this moment only WAY SOFA cm ø 45 x 50h is available for sale. The other models, WAY BAR and WAY BISTROT, will be available starting from September.

Follow us on Facebook to keep update with all the news.
Visit the “Products” section of our website to see the complete collection.

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We are glad to announce that our coffee table ROUND ø 80 cm in the color GIALLO MAYA has been selected to decorate the  design offices of the project ACM Grafic LAB in Cremosano (CR) – Italy.
This is the confirmation of the current trend where the offices are always more colorful and friendly.

We thanks the architects Marco Venturelli and Paolo Capuano of tIPS ARCHITECTS, the photographer Daniele Pavesi and our retailer Bonetti Casa.

Find the entire ROUND collection in the Product section.

Design offices with Memedesign Round3 Design offices with Memedesign coffee table Design offices with Memedesign coffee table ROUND ø 80 cm

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We desire to inform that the collection of coffee tables OFFSET, which include OFFSET 1-2-3, is not available any longer but is available for minimum quantity of 10 pieces per model.

The same for the modular shelf SPREAD 2 which is now out of stock and will not be produced any more. Anyhow the version SPREAD 1 will remain available to compose several bookcases as you like.



As for Offset we have a small stock of products still available. Please find here below the complete list:

  • Offset 1 cm 40x40x45h = PIOGGIA ral 7042 (2 pcs)
  • Offset 1 cm 40x40x45h = NERO ral 9005 (1 pc)
  • Offset 1 cm 40x40x45h = FANGO ral 7002 (1 pc)
  • Offset 2 cm 60x60x27h = PIOGGIA ral 7042 (1 pc)
  • Offset 2 cm 60x60x27h = GRAFITE ral 7024 (1 pc)
  • Offset 2 cm 60x60x27h = CANAPA ral 7044 (1 pc)
  • Offset 2 cm 60x60x27h = ZUCCA ral 2004 (1 pc)
  • Offset 2 cm 60x60x27h = 2 pieces to be varnished in one of the 15 colors of our range

For any inquiry or to ask for prices for the products still available please write to: info@memedesign.it


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We are glad to announce the recent collaboration in Austria with:

Salzburger Straße, 152
5351 Bad Ischl – AT
Tel. +43 6132 24487 

In particular here you can see our bookshelf SPREAD in the original combination of colors GIALLO MAYA and GRAFITE and the coat hangers FIOCCO.
We remind that our whole collection is visibile in the Products section of our website.
Stay tuned with us on Facebook to follow all our news.

Schiffer&Sams Austria-Spread

Schiffer&Sams Austria-Fiocco

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We are glad to announce that the new catalogue News 2017 related to the new products presented during the Fuorisalone 2017 at Brera Design District is now available.
The new products include the collection of shelves/coat hangers BALLOON, the collection of tables WAY and the bike stand ETTA.
Moreover, the new marble type EMPERADOR is available as base top for the collections TRAY and COSTANCE and the lamps AUSEL make the lighting proposal bigger.
Write us to info@memedesign.it to ask for a copy. We will be very glad to send you also the price list and the sales conditions reserved to you.

Fuorisalone 2017 - Collection of tables WAY Fuorisalone 2017 - Collection of shelves and coat hangers Fuorisalone 2017 - bike stand ETTA






 Coffee table COSTANCE with Emperador marble top

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We are glad to announce the new collaboration with the designers Gianmarco Codato and Luciano Trevisiol from Lino Codato Design & Communication, who designed three new and fresh  products that fit very well with the rest of the MEMEDESIGN range.
ETTA – bike stand – BALLOON shelf and coat hanger and WAY, collection of coffee tables of 3 different heights – these are the names of the new products, presented during the FUORISALONE 2017, in the temporary shop in Via Ponte Vetero 23 in the famous “Brera Design District”.

Gianmarco Codato has obtained his Degree in Industrial Design by IUAV of San Marino.
Since 2012 year, he cooperates with some Italian Studios of Design, to realize projects which range from the Design of the Product to the Packaging and Graphics work.
After, he moves to New York and Los Angeles, where he follows Freelance Projects for Design and Communication Studios.
Today, he is developing mainly Projects for Furniture Design; Projects in which, he is always searching new productive methods , with particularly care to the materials utilized, which aim to an equilibrium between functionality and aesthetic.
His research in Product Design Sector, is proceeding with Works for customers, as: Boloni China, Napol, Veneran and Axia.
Since 2015 year he is cooperating with Luciano Trevisiol Designer to realize  Interior  and Design Projects.


Gianmarco Codato


Luciano Trevisiol, Industrial Designer, lives and works in Castelfranco Veneto. He started his professional activity in 1990. He is involved mainly in Product Design.
The 1990 year is a significant date as he met two important personalities of the design world: the Architects Tobia Scarpa and Luciano Bertoncini with whom has cooperated for several years.
Furthermore, he has worked for several Design Companies, as: Boloni China, Cadel, Capodopera, Cinetto, Doimo Cucine, Ethos Letti, Florida, Frighetto, Krios.
The main feature of his work is the Project Traceability, which is not stopping at the initial creative step, but aims to follow all stages: proposing material research , innovative drawing technique and a constant accurate control of the planning design.
As above, to create a constructive and real synergy with those Brands which trust in his creativity.
Since 2015 year cooperates with Lino Codato Design & Communication in Castelfranco Veneto.

Luciano Trevisiol


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Dear Sirs,
I was really happy to see you in Milan during Fuorisalone 2017, some of you in Largo Treves 2 at the shop OLIVERI BRERA, the run Via Ponte Vetero 23.
Fuorisalone 2017 - Cinzia Olivieri

I was happy about the appreciations on the new products and the carpets shown this year:

  • Emperador marble in addition to the other marble types already in our range

Fuorisalone 2017 - coffee table with Emperor marble top

  • Bike stand ETTA available for indoor and outdoor use

Fuorisalone 2017 - bike stand ETTA

  • Collection of shelves and coat hangers BALLOON

Fuorisalone 2017 - Collection of shelves and coat hangers

  • Collection of tables WAY characterized by the irregular design

Fuorisalone 2017 - Collection of tables WAY

The wonderful experience of the event made on 7h April in Via Ponte Vetero, where we share good music and dance, made me really happy and motivated to do other things with you.

The brochure and the price list of the new products will be available soon. New products can be delivered starting from end of May. If you need to receive detailed information and prices please write to: info@memedesign.it
I am also happy that you follow us on the social networks, especially on Facebook.
Your participation is truly addictive and we publish every project you realize with our products showing it also on Instagram.

Memedesign is a very young reality, but thanks to you we are able to propose objects that meet our slogan USEFUL, TRENDY  and NEVER BANAL.
This motivates me to a steady and continuous improvement year by year.

Kind regards.

Cinzia Olivieri

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We are glad to announce the long term collaboration with the architect Sofie De Backer who has selected our products for her charming show room.
You can find Memedesign products in Belgio at:

Sofie De Backer
Geusenbacklaan 27
2920 Kalmthout

In particular, the coffee tables ROUND, the couple of coffee tables TWIN ALTO and BASSO and the carpet RAGGIO DI SOLE have been selected to decorate the already rich and elegant show room.
Find out the complete Memedesign collection in the Products section.

Memedesign products in BelgiumMemedesign products in Belgium 2

Memedesign products in Belgium 3

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We are glad to inform you that the new catalogue of rugs is now available.
Already shown in the “Products” section of our website these carpets have the same RAL colors of our objects enabling to create a coordinated space with the same design and colors.

Therefore do not hesitate to ask your copy writing to info@memedesign.it
We will be very glad to send you also the price list and sales conditions reserved to you.
Stay tuned with us on Facebook to keep updated with all our news.

Velvet tufted carpet Sapore di mare 3










Velvet tufted carpet Sapore di vaniglia 2

Tappeto Raggio di luna 2


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Memedesign is glad to present “Taste of colors”, the brand new collection of rugs designed by Eduardo Alcon and Esther Albert, couple of young Spanish designers who founded Edeestudio in 2008 in Valencia, whose main target is to transmit an innovative and original idea of  design, without forgetting the functional and aesthetic character of the products.

In this way MEMEDESIGN enters the world of decorative and contemporary carpets. The carpets have evocative and romantic names and design: Profumo di Lavanda, Sapore di Mare, Sapore di Vaniglia. Bright colors and excellent manufactory are the main characteristics of these new velvet rugs, that are coordinated with the other interior design objects of Memedesign (and lacquered in 15 colors): a way to give a continuity of style in private an public spaces.
In addition to the standard measures (rectangular and circular), it is possible to customize the rugs with dimensions and/or particular colors on the base of customers demand.


Velvet Carpet Profumo di Lavanda 1

Velvet carpet sapore di Mare 1

Velvet carpet Sapore di Vaniglia

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We have the pleasure to invite you to Milan to the event “TASTE OF COLORS a journey in the kaleidoscopic world of MEMEDESIGN”, taking place on Wednesday 30th November 2016 at the showroom OLIVERI BRERA, Largo Treves 2, from 10am to 08.00pm.
We would be glad to show all our colorful and original interior design objects and also the new collection of rugs of the same colors of our range.

We do hope many of you will come!

To get more information about our new rugs write to info@memedesign.it
RSVP MEMEDESIGN: info@memedesign.it
Visit our page Products to see our whole collection.
Stay tuned with on on Facebook.


Invitation MEMEDESIGN Milan

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MEMEDESIGN attended SIA GUEST for the first time, the International Hospitality Exhibition, that took place in Rimini from 13th to 15th October 2016, together with SUN, Outdoor Exhibition and TTG Incontri.
Here some pictures of our stand designed by the architects Enrico Cesana and Riccardo Rivolta that well show the concept of the several spaces and functions MEMEDESIGN products can be use in.

It was also an occasion to show a preview of the new concept 2017 to our customers and sales agents and also to the buyers of hotel and contract.
Original rugs, whose colors are well coordinated with the RAL values of our products, will be included soon into our collection.
Moreover, two new chandeliers made of lightweight concrete and glass that are proposed to complete the furniture creating a colourful space characterized by a creative design and sinuous shapes.

The new concept, that our customers already like a lot, will be then developed in the next catalogue at the end of the year.

To ask for more information about rugs and lamps write to info@memedesign.it
Visit the page Products to see the rest of our collection.
Stay connected with us on our Facebook Page.

























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The new collection of coffee-tables COSTANCE, designed by the architect Maria Jennifer Carew, will be available from the middle of October 2016.

The minimal and feminine style which characterize Carew’s products, meets very well the styles values of MEMEDESIGN, that had already selected Mrs. Carew for the table lamps Chiocciola and Chiocciola Big.
The light frame made of squared steel of 1,00 cm delineates the graphic sign of this coffee table and enclosed the top as to protect it.
COSTANCE collection has also the following features:

  • the tables can be sacked up so this products is really very good for contract
  • the top is made of full grain leather melamine fully lined. It can be fixed or removable. It is possible to supply it even made of other materials or finishings for important quantities
  • the square version can be easily put in under the sofa, thanks to its peculiar metal frame structure, and this increase the functionality of the model

COSTANCE is important even in its dimensions: both versions are 52,00 cm high. Each side of the square top is cm 40,00, while the round version has got a 43,00 cm diameter.

To ask for catalogue and price list write to: info@memedesign.it
Stay connected with us on our Facebook page.

Tavolino Costance rotondo Tavolini in metallo laccato e top in melaminico pelle fiore







Tavolini da salotto Costance Collection of coffee tables with metal frame


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If you live near Alessandria city in Italy you can find now MEMEDESIGN products at:

Via Roma 7/A
15039 Ozzano Monferrato (AL)
Tel: 0142 454267
E-mail: info@abitarecreativo.it

In particular the shelves FLAP, the wall coat hanger GRAFFETTA and the coffee table TRAY 2 give a new value to the expo thanks to their design and their original colors.
Abitare Creativo, always careful to the quality of its proposals, has selected Memedesign to propose a lifestyle that meet the current interiors request.

Coffee table TRAY2 by MEMEDESIGN at Abitare Creativo (Alessandria) Coffee table TRAY2 by MEMEDESIGN at Abitare Creativo (Alessandria)-2

FLAP mensole di MEMEDESIGN presso Abitare Creativo (Alessandria) Mensole FLAP by MEMEDESIGN presso Abitare Creativo (Alessandria)

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The coffee tables TWIN ALTO and TWIN BASSO by MEMEDESIGN have been selected by the architect Franken Architekten in partnership with Interior Design Studio Kathi Kaeppel to the interior decoration of the rooms and living areas of Hotel Libertine Lindenberg in Frankfurt.
They have been realized in the colors ROSA QUARZO and GLICINE on the base of the specific request of the cusomer.

MEMEDESIGN products, in fact, are well appreciated by architects, interior designers and purchase managers of important international hotel chains for the original design, their lightness and sinuosity, as weel as their COLOR.

In fact, all the products can be chosen in 15 different standard colors, but even in other colors on demand for quantities of minimum 20 pieces per model.

See the whole collection in the section Products

Hotel Lindberg Libertine, libertine_2146x







libertine_2130x libertine_1320x


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SIA GUEST 2016 will take place in Rimini from 13th to 15th October 2016, in conjunction with TTG Incontri, Italy’s largest B2B tourism fair and SUN, the top B2B exhibition for the Outdoor World. SIA GUEST is the only trade fair in Italy exclusively reserved for the hotel sector. It is the largest negotiation and networking area in Italy for Italian and foreign hotel professionals.

MEMEDESIGN products have been already selected by different hotels, also belongin to important international chains, for the preparation of their rooms, spa, living and reading areas, as well as waiting rooms of important offices in Europe.
For more information regarding our collaborations please visit our page Contract

MEMEDESIGN will be attend SIA GUEST with important novelties regarding products dedicated to contract and decor. You will find us in Hall D3 – Stand 013.
Opening Hours: 09.30am – 06.00pm
Write to info@memedesign.it to get the free entrance invitation.


Our achievements:

  • Sheraton Dubai Mall of Emirates Hotel – Dubai – U.A.E.
  • Hotel Libertine Lindenberg – Frankfurt – DE
  • Hotel IBIS Styles Bremen Altstadt – Bremen – DE
  • Hotel Mar Azul – Mallorca – DE

Hotel Lindberg Libertine, libertine_2146x









ibis Styles Bremen Altstadt



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Condé Nast Verlag Publications (Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, AD, Glamour…) has selected the coffee table Nord Petalo designed by Carlo Trevisani to realize some video and photo shooting in the office of Munich.
So, the visibility of MEMEDESIGN products grows day by day thanks to their versatility; in fact they can be used for different types of rooms, spaces and situations.
From private residences to public places, from hotels to offices, MEMEDESIGN  go on to develop useful, trendy and never banal furnishing.

Coffee table NORD PETALO by MEMEDESIGN in Condé Nast studio Coffee table NORD PETALO by MEMEDESIGN in Condé Nast shooting studio IMG_0843 copiaCoffee table NORD PETALO by MEMEDESIGN in Condé Nast photo shooting studio

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We inform that the collection of coffee-table OFFSET is out of production and will be available for contract only after the stock finishes (minimum quantity 20 pieces for each model).

Collection of coffee-tabl OFFSET

On this purpose we inform about the quantity still available for each model.

Coffee-table OFFSET1


OFFSET 1 – dimensions cm 40x40x45h:

  • still available 3 pieces that we can varnish in any color of our range.
  • Available also 6 pieces in the following colors: PIOGGIA-GRAFITE-FANGO- PETROLIO-NERO



Coffee-table OFFSET2



OFFSET 2 – dimensions cm 60x60x27h

  • still available 4 pieces that we can varnish in any color of our range.
  • Available also 6 pieces in the following colors: PIOGGIA-GRAFITE-FANGO-LIMONE-ZUCCA



Coffee-table OFFSET£



OFFSET 3 – dimensions cm 80x40x30h:

  • Last piece available FANGO color.



Write to info@memedesign.it to get more information about the colors still available and to get the best offer.

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MEMEDESIGN add to its collection 7 new products 100% Made in Italy for the interior design lovers.

The new catalogue, shown during Design Week in Milan, underlines the versatility of our interior design items – MEMEDESIGN THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE – from the living room to the bedroom, from the entry to the children room and even to the bathroom.

A lot of news this year:

  • 7 brand new products: PIEGA lamp, FIOCCO wall coat-hanger, COSTANCE QUADRATO coffee table, COSTANCE RETTANGOLARE coffee table, BOBINO POUF, ROUND5 coffee table and SCRITTOIO.
  • 2 brand new colors already available: ROSA QUARZO RAL 3015 (color of the year 2016 Pantone) and GLICINE RAL 4009.
  • A new section dedicated to lighting: “Build up your lamp as you like”, with colors, electric cables and plugs on customer request.
  • A new chapter dedicated to CONTRACT.

The new catalogue is beautiful, gritty and colorful and strengthens MEMEDESIGN vocation to make every space joyful, colorful and attractive with useful, trendy and never banal objects.

Download here the new catalogue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/27bvcby7c8rc2s8/CATALOGO%20MEME%20DESIGN%202016.pdf?dl=0

Write to info@memedesign.it to ask for the price list, conditions or the physical copy of the catalogue.

Appendiabiti a parete in metallo FIOCCO
Tavolini da soggiorno Costance
Lampada da tavolo PIEGA-3

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MEMEDESIGN double meeting!!!

In the occasion of Fuorisalone 2016, MEMEDESIGN products will be shown even at BEACH&CO Corso Genova 20 Milan, in addition to the wonderful flagship store Olivieri Brera.

During the event “FASHION MEETS DESIGN” you can join the happy hour + dj set (RICH MORE) on Thursday 14th April 2016 from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

invito Beach & co.

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MEMEDESIGN will attend Fuorisalone in the flasgship store OLIVIERI BRERA, Largo Treves 2, during Design Week from 12th to 17th April.

The new products shown in Brera come from the collaborations with the architect Luca Pegolo who designed PIEGA lamp, OfficineMultiplo who designed FIOCCO coat hanger and the architect Jennifer Carew who designed COSTANCE coffee-tables.

Morevoer, we will present two new colors that fit the trends and fashion of this year: rosa quarzo RAL 3015 and glycine RAL 4009 and that will be included in the new catalogue.

Happy hour on Thursday 14th April from 5.30pm. Come and visit us!

Invitation Fuorisalone 2016

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New collaboration with OfficineMultiplo

MEMEDESIGN is glad to present the new wall hanger FIOCCO which is the result of the collaboration with OfficineMultiplo.

OfficineMultiplo is an architecture, design and communication firm founded in Turin in 2007 by Ettore Balbo (industrial designer), Mario Cipriano (architetto), and Francesca Di Noia (interior designer).
OfficineMultiplo considers architecture, design and communication as interdependent forms of expression, able to fuse together, inspire and support each other and so has given birth to FIOCCO wall hanger meeting the requirement of MEMEDESIGN and of its market.

Ettore Balbo - Francesca Di Noia - Mario Cipriano

FIOCCO is a useful and versatile wall coat hanger. The simple metal sheet turned in on itself is the main element.

Useful for every room type, once it is fixed on the wall it is possible to fix in different modalities such as hanger and crutch, so that it can be used with different types of clothes and accessories.

Considering its peculiarities, we strongly advise to use two or three placed side by side creating different aesthetic themes and plays of colors.



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New collaboration with Architect Luca Pegolo

Luca Pegolo graduated in Architecture at Politecnico of Turin and cooperates with different brands, lighting and sport equipment.
He designed PIEGA lamp for MEMEDESIGN in a climate of close cooperation and mutual exchange, achieving a result that meet the requirements of MEME collection and its sales market.

Luca_foto alta def

PIEGA uses the iron sheet creating essential shapes in a continuous play between colors, lights and shadows. These are the ingredients of a youthful and fresh spirit lamp that fit very well to several situations.

It is suitable as desk lamp or bedside table lamp. Moreover, in living situations, PIEGA lamp creates interesting contrasts of light and shade that, together with a wide color range, make it easily adaptable to different room types.

PIEGA lamp fits very well to different types of furniture thanks to its essential lines and different chromatic finishing that, together with the electric cable cords made of cloth, create interesting and customizable solutions.




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MEMEDESIGN is characterized by the creative minimalism, the desire to eliminate redundancy and to highlight the rigor emphasizing it by the freshness of the color. A very feminine design with soft and sinuous shapes, “timeless” and “long lasting”.
A company philosophy that has allowed MEMEDESIGN to find space and visibility inside the international markets.

MEMEDESIGN attends FERIA HÁBITAT VALENCIA in collaboration with the agency VERSAT, in order to spread more its name in other countries more and more.
All the best seller models such as ROUND, LAMA, SPREAD and INN will be shown. In addition a preview of the news 2016 that will be presented during FUORISALONE MILANO.
We are talking about the new “BOBINO POUF” that will complete the already existing BOBINO with a soft cushion made of chenille that underline the shape and the working of this coffee-table. BOBINO POUF as well as the other items of the same collection, is provided with internal wheels that allow to move it easily without having to lift it.
Suitable also for contract projects, it will be easily combined with the curtains with the possibility to personalize it with the cloths required by the customer. The most luxurious model is made of aged leather.

STAND: N2 P2 – Stand F126

MEMEDESIGN at Hábitat Valencia

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You can take advantages of our special promotions on our website e-shop Memedesign

Here you can find our products at very competitive prices and ready in stock.

For further questions and information write us to: info@memedesign.it

















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A big selection of Memedesign products is now shown at

Via Trieste 7
37040 Bonavigo (VR)
Tel: 044 2601310
E-mail: info@tacconiarredamenti.it
Website: http://www.tacconiarredamenti.it

The colorful Memedesign interior design items, 100% Made in Italy, give a new value to the expo thanks to their design and their true Italian Design Style.

Tacconi Arredamenti, always careful to the quality of its proposal, has selected Memedesign to propose a lifestyle that meet the current interiors requests.

Visit the section “Products” http://en.memedesign.it/catalogo/ to see the whole collection Memedesign.

Tavolino TRAY3 con top in marmo bianco Carrara3

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A big selection of Memedesign products is now shown at

Bonetti Casa

Via Aldo Moro 3
26017 Trescore Cremasco (CR) -Italy
Tel: +39 (0)373 273142
E-mail: info@bonetticasa.it

The colorful Memedesign interior design items, 100% Made in Italy, give a new value to the expo thanks to their design and their true Italian Design Style.

Bonetti Casa, always careful to the quality of its proposal, has selected Memedesign to propose a lifestyle that meet the current interiors requests.



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A big selection of Memedesign products is now shown at

4, Rue Schaffmill
6778 Grevenmacher – Luxembourg
Tel. +352 750566-1
Website: http://www.gmg.lu
E-mail: info@gmg.lu

The colorful Memedesign interior design items, 100% Made in Italy, give a new value to the expo thanks to their design and their true Italian Design Style.

Galerie Moderne, always careful to the quality of its proposal, has selected Memedesign to propose a lifestyle that meet the current interiors requests.

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A big selection of Memedesign products is now shown at

Largo Treves 2, Zona Brera
20121 Milano – Italy
Tel: +39 (0)2 49543283
Website: http://www.olivierimobili.com
E-mail: brera@olivierimobili.com


The colorful Memedesign interior design items, 100% Made in Italy, give a new value to the expo thanks to their design and their true Italian Design Style.

Olivieri Brera, always careful to the quality of its proposal, has selected Memedesign to propose a lifestyle that meet the current interiors requests.

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A big selection of Memedesign products is now shown at

P.I. Altabaix S/N Local 7
03202 Elche – Spain
Tel: 0034 965426246
Website: http://www.valentinsanchez.com
E-mail: valentin@valentinsanchez.com

The colorful Memedesign interior design items, 100% Made in Italy, give a new value to the expo thanks to their design and their true Italian Design Style.

Valentin Sanchez, always careful to the quality of its proposal, has selected Memedesign to propose a lifestyle that meet the current interiors requests.

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A big selection of Memedesign products is now shown at

TEL: +43 1 5236030
Website: http://www.casadeldesign.at
E-mail: casadeldesign@vienna.at

The colorful Memedesign interior design items, 100% Made in Italy, give a new value to the expo thanks to their design and their true Italian Design Style.

Casa Del Design, always careful to the quality of its proposal, has selected Memedesign to propose a lifestyle that meet the current interiors requests.

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A big selection of Memedesign products is now shown at

Via Radici in piano, 20
41043 Corlo di Formigine (MO)
Tel: 059 558862
E-mail: marioborghi1@virigilio.it

The colorful Memedesign interior design objects 100% Made in Italy, give a new value to the expo thanks to their design and their true Italian Design Style.

Borghi Arredamenti, always careful to the quality of its proposal, has selected Memedesign to propose a lifestyle that meet the current interiors requests.

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A big selection of Memedesign products is now shown at

Logo piccolo
Via Sbarre Centrali 487
89132 Reggio Calabria
Tel. 0965 591666
E-mail: info@leuzzomobilidicasa.it

The colorful Memedesign interior design objects, 100% Made in Italy, give a new value to the expo thanks to their design and their true Italian Design Style.

Mobili Leuzzo, always careful to the quality of its proposal, has selected Memedesign to propose a lifestyle that meet the current interiors requests.


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TRAY coffee table with metal top

We are glad to present the catalogue of our new collection of coffee tables TRAY you can download here

This collection is one of the most elegant of our catalogue and it represents something new for us. We are talking about TOPS which are available in metal, white Carrara marble and black Marquinia marble. Both marble types are available in LUCID or OPAQUE versions, please specify this when ordering.

TRAY1 coffee table with marble top

Designed by Enrico Cesana end Riccardo Rivolta, this collection, already presented during FuoriSalone 2015 in Milan, shows MEMEDESIGN evolution towards the assembling of new materials.
The collection includes three coffee tables:
– TRAY1: cm 36,9 x 36,9 x49,7h
– TRAY2: cm 80 x 80 x 28h
– TRAY3: cm 96,9 x 62,9 x 38h

TRAY1 coffee tables

Tavolino TRAY3 con top in marmo bianco Carrara3

TRAY3 coffee tables with metal top


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From 15th May 2015 the price of the collection of coffee-tables TWIN will be increased.

Rounded coffee-table made of metal

TWIN ALTO: € 225,00




Rounded coffee-table made of metal

TWIN BASSO: € 265,00










Available in 15 working days and in 15 colors of our range.

For different colors please send a formal inquiry to info@memedesign.it.







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MEME DESIGN is going on spreading its 100% Made in Italy design through the “old” Continent and is glad to announce the collaboration in Belgium with:

Geusenbacklaan 27
2920 Kalmthout – Belgium
Tel: +32(0)3 6662109
E-mail: sofie@deco-co.be
Contact person: Mrs Sofie De Backer

In this way MEME DESIGN is becoming more and more international day after day.

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We are glad to invite you in the brand new Flagship Store Olivieri Brera in Largo 2 in Milan during the Furniture Fair, DesignWeek 2015. We will be happy to show the new collection of coffee-tables Tray of the architects Enrico Cesana & Riccardo Rivolta.

We look forward to meet you there from 14th to 19th April from 10.00am to 12.00pm.

Invitation DesignWeek 2015

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The coffee-tables magazine racks FORM1 and FORM2 do not belong to MEMEDESIGN collection anymore and you cannot find them in the “products” section of our website any longer.


Coffee-tables magazine rack FORM1 and FORM2 cm  50x27x40h

Coffee-tables magazine rack FORM1 and FORM2 out of stock

Coffee-table magazine rack FORM made of powder coated metal

Coffee-table magazine rack FORM out of stock











Even though these two products will not belong to our range anymore new coffee-tables, table lamps and even living rooms tables will be included in the collection from April 2015.
Some of these news will be shown at FuoriSalone Milano 2015 during the International Furniture Fair. All our customers, interior designers, architects can see the news in the beautiful location in Brera District, Largo Treves 2 in Milan where all the colorful MEMEDESIGN interior design objects will be shown.

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Here below simple instructions to clean our interior design objects made of metal with powder coating finishing.

  • As the case may be, only clean water, with slight additives of neutral washing agents (pH 7), is to be used with the aid of soft, non-abrasive cloths, rags or industrial cotton. Strong rubbing is not to be undertaken.
  • The removal of greasy, oily or sooty substances can take place with the use of white spirit free of aromatic compounds or isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Residues of adhesive, silicone cartouche or adhesive tapes, etc, can also removed in this way.
  • Use no solvents or similar, containing ester, ketones, polyhydric alcohol, aromatics, ethylene glycol or halogenated hydrocarbon.
  • Due to the danger of changes in a colour tone or effect, a test for suitability is to be undertaken for metallic coatings.
  • Use no scratching, abrasive agents.
  • Use no strong acids or alkaline detergents and introfiers.
  • Use no detergents of unknown compositions.
  • Detergents must not be used at temperatures higher than a maximum of 25 °C.
  • The surface temperature must not exceed 25 °C during cleaning.
  • The maximum exposure period of these detergents must not exceed one hour: when necessary, the entire cleaning process can be repeated after at least 24 hours.
  • Rinsing with clean cold water is to take place immediately after ever cleaning process.
  • Fine-textured effects: use fibre-free cloths. Moderate mechanical support may be given to the cleaning operation using a soft, non-surface-damaging brush.
Triangular coffee-table FINITY cm 38x34x40h made of metal with powder coating finishing

Triangular coffee-table FINITY cm 38x34x40h made of metal with powder coating finishing

Rounded coffee-table BOBINO with internal wheels made of powder coated metal

Rounded coffee-table BOBINO with internal wheels made of powder coated metal

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INN is absolutely a wonderful coffee-table!

Coffee-table INN DOPPIO cm 60x130x30h with smoked oak top and metal legs

Coffee-table INN DOPPIO cm 60x130x30h with smoked oak top and metal legs


The real wood gives the soft sensation of warmth. We have stongly wanted this important object, with high quality values and high level manufacturing processess.

We have wanted it combined with color, which is our nature, our DNA.
We have wanted it with important dimensions (cm 130×60).
We have wanted it contemporaneous.

Available our coffee-table INN DOPPIO from today. Top made of smoked oak, trendy finishing, very fashionable, it can be used along with all contemporaneous furniture.

One year ago we started to put together and mix metal and other precious materials. INN cofee-table confirms this project that is growing year after year and that will be clearly shown during the International Furniture Fair in Milan in April. There will be presented new products with details made of CARRARA MARBLE, lacquered glass, design cement. This year young and talented designers are involved bringing their innovative and creative values to MEMEDESIGN collection.

The new collections will be presented during MILANODESIGNWEEK in Milan in April 2015 at the same time as International Furniture Fair. You will find us in a location in Via Solferino, Brera, Milano city.

Particular of INN coffee-table: top made of smoked oak wood and legs made of  metal in color Zucca RAL 2004

Particular of INN coffee-table: top made of smoked oak wood and legs made of metal in color Zucca RAL 2004

Particular of INN coffee-table: top made of smoked oak wood and legs made of metal color Bianco RAL 9010

Particular of INN coffee-table: top made of smoked oak wood and legs made of metal color Bianco RAL 9010

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The new photo catalogue now ready for you with two brand new products: coffee-table INN and lamp CHIOCCIOLA.
MEME products are suitable for any place and person type as you can see from the 4 different photo-sets corresponding to the following mood trends:


The new concept carried out with Jader and Michelangelo Bonfiglioli wants to enhance MEME strenghts:

  • Colour
  • Wide range of laquerings
  • Made in Italy
  • The passion of feel done things
  • Young, elegant and sometimes ironic style

as you can see from the answer to: WHY MEME? on page 04.

An important marketing campaign plus a special commercial promotion valid up to 30.11.2014 will be launched together with the catalogue.
To receive a copy of the catalogue and more information about the PROMOTION SEPTEMBER/NOVEMBER 2014 send an e-mail to:


specifying your address, contact details and activity.

Click here to download the catalogue





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Meme Design looks at Europe starting from the so loved Spanish “neighbours”. Therefore is glad to announce its collaboration for all this war and lively country with:

logo Versat

Ildefons Cerda 14
08172 Sant Cugat Del Vallès

Tel: +34 936754846
Fax: +34 936754755
E-mail: info@versat.com
Website: www.versat.com
Contact person: Mr. Oscar Sanchez

So Meme Design carries on its international project where our “old” continent is a very important strong point.

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The new MEMEDESIGN catalogue will be ready in September.
In this catalogue we have chosen emotional photos that can describe the most recent moods such as:






Color and even “non-color” is the most important aspect of the new concept.
The increase of laquerings up to 15 all available in 15 days enables to use each product in different moods following its own instinct and feeling.

Two new products will be shown in the new catalogue.

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This is the year of Brazil!
After the World Football Championship Games 2014, MEMEDESIGN has started a new collaboration in Brazil and South America with:

Arch. Giovanni Tremolada
Contemporary Design Agency & Distribution
Rua Helena 275 Cj.82-83 Vila Olimpia
Sao Paulo Sp Brasil TEL.+55.11.30456893/6034/6553
Mob.phone: +55.11.981552759
E-mail: info@vermontex.com

This enables to spread MEMEDESIGN name out of Europe and the company now becomes more and more international.

Even though the World Football Championship Games were not good for the Italian soccer team, MEMEDESIGN considers Brazil and the whole South America a strategic business opportunity for its success in the world.

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New trendy colours have been added to our already large range of MEMEDESIGN COLOURS.

Code: 18 – FUCSIA – RAL 4003
Code: 19 – ACQUA – RAL 6019
Code: 20 – SALVIA – RAL 6033
Code: 21 – CIELO – RAL 5024

This selection made by our trend setter takes into consideration both fashion tendencies for 2015 and the international house trends. These colors are IMMEDIATELY available for all our products and will be shown on our new catalogue ready in September 2014.
We confirm to be able to respect our current delivery time of 15 days also for the new colours.

Ask for the new price list June 2014 and sales conditions to info@memedesign.it.

Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/www.memedesign.it?ref=hl . We would be glad to receive your “likes” and your comments. 

MEME Campionario colori 2014-2015


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MEMEDESIGN at Milano Design Week Fuosisalone – Din

Leit motiv 2014 is FUSION.

Fusion is both for our new products and for our new designers, which have different professional experiences.
MEME wants to join young and talent designers, who knows first and better  young, trendy, traveller and multicultural  customer’s needs.  Mr Carlo Trevisani and Mrs Maria Jennifer Craw designed new products for MEMEDESIGN.

Some products were inspired by nature. FLAP shelves seem to be flying butterflies wings. CHIOCCIOLA lamp has a clear reference on its name.

Shelf FLAP made of powder coated metal

Shelf FLAP made of powder coated metal













For other products inspiration was Nordic design such as NORD coffee tables and LAMA  console table.


Console table LAMA

Console table LAMA


Coffee-table NORD

Coffee-table NORD










Fusion is for combination of coloured metal and other materials such as solid turned wood for NORD coffee table legs.
Another exemple concerns veneers and cement for INN coffee tables.
We check finishing for every single product so we are able to assure real MADE IN ITALY products.

We are interested in developing contract for hotels and so we are preparing custom models for September 2014.

We took part in realization of beauty area for Sheraton Hotel Dubai this year.

Our new catalogue will be out on June and it will show both new proposals presented on April and a new range of products.

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MEMEDESIGN présente à Milano Design Week Fuosisalone – Din

Le “leit motiv” 2014 est FUSION.

Avec le mots “fusion” on indique soit les nouveaux produits soit les différentes expériences professionnelles des nouveaux designers qui collaborent avec nous.
MEME, en effet, se propose de donner de l’espace et de la voix à la créativité des jeunes designers avec du talent, qui connaissant mieux et en avance les exigences d’un consommateur jeune, “trendy”, voyageur et multiculturel. Monsieur Carlo Trevisani et Madame Maria Jennifer Carew sont les deux designers qui ont crée les nouveaux produits pour MEMEDESIGN.
Pour certain produits la nature a été l’inspiration. Les étagères  FLAP rappellent les ailes d’un papillon qui vole tandis que la lampe CHIOCCIOLA a un nom qui se réfère clairement au monde de la nature.
Le design inspiré par les pays du Nord caractérise les autres produits, comme les tables NORD et la console LAMA.
Le mot FUSION s’applique aussi à l’union du métal coloré avec des autres matériaux, comme le bois massif tourné pour les jambes des tables NORD ou les placages et le ciment pour les tables INN.
Nous assurons le vrai MADE IN ITALY grâce à l’attention pour les finitions et au contrôle effectué sur chaque produit.M

Nous sommes particulièrement intéressé au développement du secteur hôtelier et nous allons proposer, donc, des modèles personnalisés  à partir du mois de Septembre 2014.
Notre entreprise, en effet, a participé à la réalisation de la zone beauté pour Sheraton Hotel Dubai pendant cet année.
Notre nouveau catalogue est prévu pour le mois de Juin et il va présenter soit les produits exposés en Avril soit des autres propositions, qui vont à augmenter notre gamme.




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We are glad to invite you to our new products’ exibit from April 8th

   to April 13th at FUORISALONE 2014 at DIN_Design-in,

Sbodio 9 Street/ Massimiliano 6 Street, Milan.

All new products are designed by Carlo Trevisani exclusively

      for MEMEDESIGN. 

Come and visit us every day from 10,00 AM to 20,00 PM.


Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à la présentation de nos nouveaux  produits,

dont le design a été conçu par Carlo Trevisani

exclusivement pour MEMEDESIGN.

            La présentation a lieu de 8 Avril à 13 Avril à FUORISALONE 2014 à DIN_Design-In,

en Rue Sbodio 9 / Rue Massimiliano 6, Milan.

Venez nous visiter chaque jour

de 10,00 heures du matin à 20,00 heures du soir.

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Presso lo spazio polifunzionale Home Design a Rimini, è stata allestita la prima scenografia di MEMEDESIGN.
In oltre 250 mq, tutti i prodotti MEMEDESIGN hanno trovato una loro collocazione.

L’allestimento, curato dal direttore artistico archietto Enrico Cesana, verte sul concetto di ariosità tipico dello spazio.
Per suddividere lo spazio fisico, senza occludere la possibilità di vedere oltre, si è utilizzata una semplice rete per fagioli, il risulato delle grandi nuvole bianche impalpabili e voluminose interagiscono con la luce ed i prodotti, creando emozionanti suggestioni. Un percorso tra le nuvole ed esplosioni di colore dei prodotti MEMEDESIGN.
Le aree dedicate alle varie “famiglie”, invece sono state delimitate da grandi tappetti in pura lana, disegnati appositamente per lo spazio Home Design.
Lo showroom è aperto solo su appuntamento a tutti i clienti, giornalisti, dal lunedì al sabato.

Il prestigioso spazio polifunzionale è utilizzato per mostre temporanee (arte, design, moda) oppure come location per eventi, congressi tematici, negozi, outlet temporanei, matrimoni, cerimonie, servizi fotografici.

In the multi-purpose space Home Design in Rimini, it was set up the first scene of MEMEDESIGN.
The exhibition, curated by artistic director architect, Enrico Cesana, focuses on the concept of openness is typical of space.
The showroom is open, by appointment only, to all customers, journalists, from Monday to Saturday.

A l’espace polyvalent Home Design à Rimini, a été mis en place la première scène de MEMEDESIGN.
L’exposition, organisée par l’architecte artistique de metteur en scène, Enrico Cesana, met l’accent sur la notion de transparence est typique de l’espace.
Le showroom est ouvert, sur rendez-vous seulement, à tous les clients, journalistes, du lundi au samedi.

En el polivalente espacio de diseño de la vivienda en Rimini, se creó la primera escena de MEMEDESIGN.
La exposición, comisariada por el arquitecto director artístico, Enrico Cesana, se centra en el concepto de apertura es típico de espacio.
La sala de exposición está abierta, sólo con cita previa, a todos los clientes, periodistas, de lunes a sábado.

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Let come to meet us, during the week of  ‘Salone Internationale del Mobile’, at Fiorella Atelier, Corso Como 9, every day from 4 pm, and on April 10th for a cocktail party with MEMEDESIGN from 6.30 pm.

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MEMEDESIGN will be in Milan, during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013, with its new products at Fiorella Atelier, Corso Como 9.

Wednesday, April 10th cocktails from 0re 18.30.


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SPREAD. Modular shelf to hold books and your most loved household items .
By assemble Spread 1 and Spread 2 it can obtained an elegant hanging bookcases, playing with different colors.
Vertical or horizontal mounting, facilitated by a support for the positioning of the fisher.

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Archiportale.com on DESIGN&TREND writes something interesting about MEME DESIGN and shows the products gallery.


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Something about MEME DESIGN, on archiproducts.com, the most popular and influent worldwide source for architecture & design products