New collaboration with OfficineMultiplo

MEMEDESIGN is glad to present the new wall hanger FIOCCO which is the result of the collaboration with OfficineMultiplo.

OfficineMultiplo is an architecture, design and communication firm founded in Turin in 2007 by Ettore Balbo (industrial designer), Mario Cipriano (architetto), and Francesca Di Noia (interior designer).
OfficineMultiplo considers architecture, design and communication as interdependent forms of expression, able to fuse together, inspire and support each other and so has given birth to FIOCCO wall hanger meeting the requirement of MEMEDESIGN and of its market.

Ettore Balbo - Francesca Di Noia - Mario Cipriano

FIOCCO is a useful and versatile wall coat hanger. The simple metal sheet turned in on itself is the main element.

Useful for every room type, once it is fixed on the wall it is possible to fix in different modalities such as hanger and crutch, so that it can be used with different types of clothes and accessories.

Considering its peculiarities, we strongly advise to use two or three placed side by side creating different aesthetic themes and plays of colors.