Memedesign is glad to present “Taste of colors”, the brand new collection of rugs designed by Eduardo Alcon and Esther Albert, couple of young Spanish designers who founded Edeestudio in 2008 in Valencia, whose main target is to transmit an innovative and original idea of  design, without forgetting the functional and aesthetic character of the products.

In this way MEMEDESIGN enters the world of decorative and contemporary carpets. The carpets have evocative and romantic names and design: Profumo di Lavanda, Sapore di Mare, Sapore di Vaniglia. Bright colors and excellent manufactory are the main characteristics of these new velvet rugs, that are coordinated with the other interior design objects of Memedesign (and lacquered in 15 colors): a way to give a continuity of style in private an public spaces.
In addition to the standard measures (rectangular and circular), it is possible to customize the rugs with dimensions and/or particular colors on the base of customers demand.


Velvet Carpet Profumo di Lavanda 1

Velvet carpet sapore di Mare 1

Velvet carpet Sapore di Vaniglia