We are glad to announce the new collaboration with the designers Gianmarco Codato and Luciano Trevisiol from Lino Codato Design & Communication, who designed three new and fresh  products that fit very well with the rest of the MEMEDESIGN range.
ETTA – bike stand – BALLOON shelf and coat hanger and WAY, collection of coffee tables of 3 different heights – these are the names of the new products, presented during the FUORISALONE 2017, in the temporary shop in Via Ponte Vetero 23 in the famous “Brera Design District”.

Gianmarco Codato has obtained his Degree in Industrial Design by IUAV of San Marino.
Since 2012 year, he cooperates with some Italian Studios of Design, to realize projects which range from the Design of the Product to the Packaging and Graphics work.
After, he moves to New York and Los Angeles, where he follows Freelance Projects for Design and Communication Studios.
Today, he is developing mainly Projects for Furniture Design; Projects in which, he is always searching new productive methods , with particularly care to the materials utilized, which aim to an equilibrium between functionality and aesthetic.
His research in Product Design Sector, is proceeding with Works for customers, as: Boloni China, Napol, Veneran and Axia.
Since 2015 year he is cooperating with Luciano Trevisiol Designer to realize  Interior  and Design Projects.


Gianmarco Codato


Luciano Trevisiol, Industrial Designer, lives and works in Castelfranco Veneto. He started his professional activity in 1990. He is involved mainly in Product Design.
The 1990 year is a significant date as he met two important personalities of the design world: the Architects Tobia Scarpa and Luciano Bertoncini with whom has cooperated for several years.
Furthermore, he has worked for several Design Companies, as: Boloni China, Cadel, Capodopera, Cinetto, Doimo Cucine, Ethos Letti, Florida, Frighetto, Krios.
The main feature of his work is the Project Traceability, which is not stopping at the initial creative step, but aims to follow all stages: proposing material research , innovative drawing technique and a constant accurate control of the planning design.
As above, to create a constructive and real synergy with those Brands which trust in his creativity.
Since 2015 year cooperates with Lino Codato Design & Communication in Castelfranco Veneto.

Luciano Trevisiol