Memedesign, with its colorful objects responds to a real need: make your homes or working areas personal and unique but, in the same time, always different thanks to the wide choice of colors and finishings.
Therefore, Memedesign presents BABELE, the new mirror designed by the architects Gianmarco Codato and Luciano Trevisiol. They have been collaborating together to realize interior design projects since 2015.

Linear, colorful and complete. A multifunctional object, that combines the reflective function of the mirror, with the possibility of being used both as a coat rack and as a valet stand. Useful even as “pocket emptier”, it is an object necessary to organize order and disorder in every part of the house in a precise and elegant way. Very useful also for small and big hotels and B&B.

Available both in BIG version with a large full-height mirror (mirror’s height cm 160) and SMALL version with a smaller mirror (mirror’s height cm 60) also provided with a “pocket emptier” compartment.
Whole dimensions of the products: cm 94 x 40 x 185h.

Babele small valet stand with mirrorBabele Big valet stand with mirro