Memedesign expands its collection also thanks to the combination of refined and elegant materials and the painted metal sheet. New products characterized by details that do not go unnoticed for their care. Objects useful also for WORK and CONTRACT spaces. Versatile and individual, confirming a trend that has now been consolidated for working spaces.

This is well represented by ACCADEMY, designed by the architects Gianmarco Codato and Luciano Trevisiol. Thought for the modern home-office, the writing desk also conveys the ancient wisdom typical of private moments. The large rounded top, in charcoal-dyed oak veneer, softens the rigorous structure in colored iron (available in 15 colors) with its warm tactile surface.

Accademy deserves an exclusive place in your home where you can use your devices with the possibility of writing, studying and working. Provided with a wide technical slot to hang your studying or working accessories and tools.

Dimensions: cm 116 x 63 x 98 (total height)
Top thickness: 3.5 mm
Height up to the top: 74 cm