Memedesign is glad to announce the new collaboration with the designer Leonardo Mercurio who designed the new collections of coffee tables Hug and Frame.

HUG coffee table with Marquinia marble top









Collection of coffee table FRAME

Leonardo Mercurio was born in Bari (Italy) on 2 December 1985. He immediately developed the innate, spontaneous and sometimes atypical need to express his creativity and to represent his ideas in images. For this reason, he chooses to attend the Bari State Institute first and then move to Milan. Inspired by the urban and social context, in 2011 he graduated with honors in the “Artistic Design for Business” at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Attracted by the Japanese minimalist style, he started his professional experience with Setsu & Shinobu Ito – ITO Design Studio of which he was project / manger.

He collaborates with companies such as Antonio Lupi, Materium, Meme Design, Sawaya & Moroni, Riva1920, Désirée, Adrenalina, Lago, Guzzini, Lavazza, Hands on Design, Fiam Italia, Reggiani, Giovanardi, etc. In 2015 the first personal goal arrives; wins the Cristalplant Design Contest for Antonio Lupi as Young Designer with the Fe-Man project, a freestanding washbasin with sinuous and sculptural shapes, currently in the company’s catalog, in 2017 he won the 4th Riva1920 Design Award, with the Mademoiselle chair as designer 26, now in the prototyping phase.

In 2018 he won the 1st Prize for the Textile Design Experience contest with Giovanardi / Sprech Agorà Design for the Irsun Living section with the Alvi project, a collection of outdoor poufs, which has in its particularity the curved aluminum base on which it is represented a graphic design created by handmade mosaic inlays that incorporates the texturization of the fabric of the upper cushion, created with the collaboration of the mosaicist teacher of the “Mosaic School” of Spilimbergo Vera Belikova.